Welcome Ladies …A Letter from the Editor…..

Personal Words from La’Ray Renee…..


First and foremost let me start by Thanking you for visiting the blog! For whatever your purpose was in coming here today, your attention is appreciated.

The purpose of this blog is to serve as a “stomping ground” for women of all walks to have their passions showcased and to promote the women supporting women movement.

Unfortunately, in our society though there are many women doing amazing work in their businesses, communities, and for themselves, at times there seems to be a lack of women supporting other women. Why is this so? Why are women so afraid or discouraged from supporting their own? Due to my own feelings of lack of support, I felt like I needed to create a movement! I needed to develop a way to take what you as a woman do, or what you have done in your life, and use the power of creative words to tell your story and show you that you are supported.

You and I will create an action plan for marketing your story and push your brand. Sometimes, you need to have someone else “toot your horn” from the outside looking in, and sharing_PINK will happily do so!

My prayers for this blog are that women feel promoted, encouraged, motivated, and most of all supported.

Not only will we develop a business relationship but we will develop what I hope to be a long lasting connection!

Peace and Blessings!

Sincerely with Love,

La’Ray Renee