Self “image” ination…

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How do you see yourself? I mean really see yourself….

It’s no secret that as women we often go through those phases when we don’t really see ourselves the way we would like to. We sometimes get caught up in what society says our status should be or how society says we should look, but what I want you to do after reading this is really take a moment to think about how you view yourself. Not in comparison to anyone or anything, just you.

 Do you love yourself? Are you happy with the way you live your life? The standards that you have, are they worthy of who you truly are. I always tell my readers ” you are a Queen,” and I always try to express a message to them that they are to be valued as such.

I titled this blog self “image” nation because I want anyone that feels they have to measure up to the next know that they are living in a false state of mind. It is all in your imagination if you think that who you are has to be equal to someone else based upon their place in life or how they look.

 It is all in your head if you think that the answer to where you are supposed to be in life, or how you are supposed to look is based off what you see daily on Instagram or Facebook… No. You are exactly who you are supposed to be, so learn how to embrace that. If you want to sit and daydream about being something, daydream about a better you. And when I say a better you, I mean a YOU that is proving to be gracious in her walk, positive in her attitude and fearless in pursuing her purpose.

You have to be able to acknowledge that your divine purpose is to seek out why God created you just the way he did and on your journey in doing so, you will be fooled. Fooled into thinking that you are not adequate enough to accomplish any of your dreams by just being YOU.

You will be fooled into thinking that only by enhancing your physical features will you be as desirable as what society calls beautiful. You will be fooled into thinking that who you have grown to be is worthless or not capable of carrying herself in such a manner that a man can only dream of having a woman like you.

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                                             YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL….PERIOD.

 Remember that. No matter who or what tried to make you feel less than that, please understand that your image is glorified in the eyes of  God, and he saw fit to make you just the way you are. You are not an accident, you are not a mistake, you were wonderfully made…so love yourself.

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Self love. That takes time and attention, but everyday you should be pouring into yourself some measure of self love. Wake up each day and know that no one will love you like you will. You set the bar right? It is your job to show outsiders your requirement of what it is to value you.

How you see and carry yourself should be a direct reflection of how you want others to view and value you. If you are constantly taking a way, or underestimating yourself, how can you expect others to truly see who you are. I encourage you to lose any false beliefs that your beauty is only skin deep. Please negate the idea that your power as a woman is fueled by the same oil as the next because it is not.  You can only be driven by the model you were made to be and anything else just wont do.

Be without a doubt certain that this life you were a given was a blessing in itself and no one else can live it but you…so why would you ever want to alter or fall short of that. Your self “image”nation can be anything it wants to be, but it’s easiest being YOU.

Until next time,

Peace and Blessings

La’Ray Renee