Why Your Status is Queen…

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“Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation”……..I must admit, that is a catchy phrase right?
Well my Queens, this isn’t about Beyoncé. I am here to tell you to get in formation for a whole different reason.  Same concept however.  I am here because I want to explain to you why YOU darling, why your Status is Queen.
I want you to really embrace this title and carry it with you always.  I want you to never accept anything less than how a Queen should be treated and I want you to always remember to carry yourself as such.  See the thing is, in our society today, women are not always glorified as the Queens that they are instead they are categorized into a few other choice names “bad bitch” being one of them.  But why though?  Since when did that become the “IT” thing to do.  I remember there was a point in time where calling someone the B word was the ultimate no-no.  Now I can almost say if you had a dollar for every time you heard that word as a term of endearment amongst friends, I am pretty sure you would be good to go.
I’m not going to lie I have been guilty of doing this privately between my closest friends and I am still detoxing that word out of my vocabulary, but that is why I want to renovate my speech and replace that word with Queen.
I want to do this because I strongly believe that I am worth being treated as such and I am even more proud to say that you are too.
Even if I do not personally know the woman reading this piece, what I do know about you are these things:
I know you are beautiful.  I know there is no one else out there quite like you. I know that you are intelligent and articulate.  I know that anything you put your mind to, you can do if you just believe in yourself.  I know that you have a heart and that you truly want the best for those that you love and care for.
I know that your soul is golden and that when you love someone, you love them with every fiber of your being. I know that if someone breaks your heart, just like a King you are going to go in protection mode and protect your heart as a Queen.Related image
I know that because your Status is Queen, you are amazing.  You have the ability to see the world from a perspective that is deeply engrained with your emotions and that means you see it genuinely.
I know that if you are a mother you are a Queen because you are now one that has brought life into this world after carrying for nine months.  You had to go through a pain that physically exceeded the limits the natural human body could bear, but the moment you saw your baby’s face you were able to forget it all, you didn’t even care.

I know that if you are a single mother your status is Queen because you are without a doubt going to make major sacrifices in your life for the unknown and the unseen. If you are taking care of everything alone, then you have this spiritual strength and courage to continue living each day and doing what you have to do to provide for your family, so because of that you’ll pray.

I know that your status is queen because you are strong in your faith.  I know that no matter how unsure you are of a situation, you you will trust that God will lead you to your rightful destination.

Queens, I want you to know that no matter how hard it is to let go of someone that hurts you, you will always know your worth.  It is because your status is Queen that you will one day be FOUND by the King that truly deserves you and that the feeling will be like no other.  This man will hold you on a pedestal.  He will be proud to have you on his arm and he will always want the world to know.  He will define right before your very eyes the meaning of unconditional love.

Your Status is Queen because as you are  reading this and you are feeling proud.  You are reading these words and you are feeling empowered.  You can appreciate the words from one Queen to another. I know that because your Status is Queen you have a certain respect for the next woman and your motives towards her are never to bring her down, but that they are to always lift her up.Image result for african queen
I know that your Status is Queen because you don’t have the time to entertain foolishness and “petty drama.”  See, drama is the furthest from your mind because you’re out here trying to build.  You’re trying to come up with the next “come up” so your mind is on tunnel vision.  Nothing.. and I mean nothing can stop your grind, because you know the value of a day,  and those that don’t, get left behind.

If I don’t know anything else after writing this piece, I for sure know one thing…I know that YOU can relate to all these things…because your Status is Queen.

Until Next Time,
Peace and Blessings
La’Ray Renee