Thoughts of a Blog Queen: Unrealistic Expectations

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Sometimes I think people expect too much from others and not enough from themselves. It’s like people want everything out of you but can’t measure up to reciprocate the same.  It is so easy to want, want, want…but when it comes time to give how willing are they? How willing are you?

At the same token, sometimes we have unrealistic expectations of other people and they just aren’t at a point where they are ready or better yet willing to give you what you need.   This is why it is always important to be clear about your expectations upfront and never waiver on them. Stand your ground….know your worth.  When it comes to relationships ( of all types), and your expectations of how you want people to treat you, how you need them to love and interact with you, and how you expect them to communicate with you, you must be firm and you must be willing to give back the same.

When I say we have unrealistic expectations, I feel like we put ourselves in situations with people and many times we are already aware of their capabilities,  yet we continue to stand on a hope, a wish, and a prayer that they will somehow adjust.  However, the element most important to this adjustment is if the other party is ready and willing…or better yet if they are even able to recognize where they need the adjustment because it’s pointless if they can’t see it right?

You can’t continue to keep going back to someone or a situation that continues to fail you and think that the next time will be different. How will the next time be different if each time is the same? Did you catch that?

So when I say I say you can’t unrealistically expect, I mean you can’t realistically forget that what you already know doesn’t work is some how different this time. This is where we get stuck in that cycle. The cycle of life that keeps us stagnant, keeps us in a place where we have no room to grow..and life is essentially about growth.

I don’t know about ya’ll but I have wings, and my wings are too beautiful and too full to be confined to any place that can’t grow with me.  So when I say you can’t have unrealistic expectations I’m really asking you to take a look at yourself. Never mind what someone else can’t do for you, it’s about what you CAN do for your self. Anyone or anything that wants to be apart of that movement will either fall in line or step aside.

Just my thoughts….


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