P.I.N.K Diamond in The Rough: Tamara Ajimati

 Caring for a Cause Supportive Services Incorporated: Meet the Founder, Tamara Ajimati



Growing up with the vision of a strong woman giving selflessly of herself  to and for others, our featured P.I.N.K Diamond Tamara Ajimati had her amazing Aunt who was a social worker for Detroit Public Schools with a Bachelor and Masters Degree in social work, and also the director of a community center in Detroit. As a role model, she  showed her that giving back to the community was always something that was important and very necessary.

“I’ve always had a love for others, and I am a strong believer of giving back and doing unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”  Wife and mother of 4 children of her own from East Chicago, Indiana;  Tamara exemplifies what we call a true Pink Diamond which exudes power, passion, beauty, rarity, and value.

This is the type of woman we look to feature in our blogs. A woman that can define her passion and vision merely by her existence.  “My Aunt was a social worker and would give the shirt off her back,” Tamara mentioned speaking so highly of her late Aunt that passed in 2004.  It was through watching her and growing up to be a determined young woman Tamara had a vision and gave birth to her dream…..

Founder of the phenomenal 501c3 non-profit organization, Caring for a Cause Supportive Services Inc. Tamara Ajimati is from East Chicago, Indiana and has been dedicated to this vision since 2015 but has had the blood of true passion running through her veins since she was a little girl.  She has a Masters in Business Management, and is undergrad in Social and Behavioral Science and has always been fully embedded in the Social Work field.

With programs established since 2011, Caring for a Cause Supportive Services Inc. was established with the initiative to “tangibly support and enhance, the physical and emotional well-being of financially disadvantaged families in Central Indiana who are facing socioeconomic hardship.”

  • What is the mission? Offer supportive services to improve the education, skills, employability, and economic self-sufficiency to disadvantaged families.
  • How do they accomplish the mission?  By rendering Individual, Family, and Youth Services that include but are not limited to: computer literacy and job readiness workshops, youth programs (including after school tutoring) and multiple outreach programs to include the following: Diaper Drive, Teens Matter, Thanksgiving Assistance, Christmas Assistance, the Annual Haircut Event, and Operation Easter Basket.


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Caring for a Cause has been blessed by various supporters such as Kroger, FedEx, Taco Bell, Aldi, Toys for Tots, Texas Roadhouse, Ross Foundation, JHM Radio, and Cribs for Kids just to name a few.

Our country is filled with wonderful non profits  from all over that are dedicated to providing their communities with the access to the resources that they need to build them up, and Caring for a Cause is just one single diamond in the rough that we want to bring awareness to with the hope that if we can just share with the world our support of their efforts, other alliances will begin to form.

When a woman sets her heart on something that she is passionate about such as her goals and dreams… there is no stopping her. She will eat, sleep, and breathe her passions and seek whatever she can to manifest them.  A woman that sets her mind to something as major as founding a non profit organization is a woman on a mission and a woman on the rise, but they continue to need help for their growing efforts and cause.

Check out their website for ways that you can support this amazing organization at the link here Caring for a Cause Supportive Services


When I talked one on one with Tamara, I listened to her. She expressed her excitement yet her fears.  This is a woman that just wants to get her story out and expose her cause.  She wants the world to hear about her “Why?”  Being afraid of not meeting the standards, or not representing to the best of her ability, like many women Tamara just wants people to see that this organization is her baby and that she will give her heart and soul to raise it up to be something great!

Despite the challenges and the struggles at times giving up is never an option, and even if something such as a monthly goal isn’t met that only motivates her to try harder and push to spread the awareness of her mission.

Tamara and her organization are turning the heads and giving hearts of potential grantors and we stand behind her 100%.   We are definitely convinced she has the PINK passion we admire, and have fallen in love with her story.



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She is also featured with the Amplify Indy Hope program based out of Indiana who’s mission is to make a positive impact  by working closely with individual resources to bring awareness and hope to the community and needs of others.


Check out her features on Amplify Indy here!

Tamara Ajimati Amplify Feature

Caring for a Cause Feature with Amplify Hope Program

If you are interested in this amazing organization and how you can be of help to them and their goals please check out their website, or to get in contact with Tamara and her team their contact information is as follows:

Tamara Long-Ajimati, MSM
2425 N Meridian St
Indianapolis IN
Suite 242-B104
Caring for a Cause Supportive Services, Inc.
Ph: 317-426-4536
Email: caring4acause2015@gmail.com
“Because We Care”

There is nothing too small from hearts that are big enough to support this cause and help Tamara in getting one step closer to helping that family, that child, or just that person going through hard times.

We at Sharing_PINK Promotions Thank you Tamara for being who you are to this world, and here’s to the future of Caring for a Cause Supportive Services Incorporated.

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