5 REASONS WHY….A 9-5 is just NOT enough for women.

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Okay..so by the title of this post some of you may be thinking that this is solely an opinion based blog, which it is because truth be told there are many, many women who work a 9 to 5 job and are content with what they do. They absolutely love their jobs and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

That’s awesome if that is the case, but this post is more to share the thought of why not only should you have a 9-5 and love what you do, but to place an emphasis on why you should be apart of the rapidly growing community of BOSS women that are becoming entrepreneurs.

There are 9.1 million woman-owned businesses nationwide, employing 7.9 million employees and generating $1.4 trillion in sales, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners. Article found in https://www.guidantfinancial.com/small-business-trends/women-in-business/

Those statistics are spectacular but let’s just scale back and skip statistics and speak to the women that may wonder why they should..if they haven’t already.

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#5-For the obvious reason, there is an additional stream of income coming into your household along with your regular job. This doesn’t have to be the money you depend on to pay the bills ( just yet), but it’s always nice to have that extra cushion right?

Having extra spending money at the end of each month can be just what you need to do the little things that you otherwise just don’t have in your budget.

#4- In such a large market of female entrepreneurs..or “womenpreneurs as we like to call them, you will develop AND master the ability to control a business in this large overtaking market of LADY BOSSES!!!

From start to finish you will create a business…”birth your baby” and you will know it like the back of your hand if you take it serious and treat it just like your regular 9-5. You do what you have to do to get there and get your job done right? You treat that as a priority, so you should do the same for your new business.

#3-Creative Expression. When you decide to build your brand, launch your business, build your clientele or whatever it is that you decide to do, you have complete creative control. You are the mastermind and you can literally do anything you want. Even if you are not truly that creative in a sense that you need help bringing all your ideas together, there are so many people that do this very thing. Ironically this is one of the many ways women are building their business..by helping you build yours! GENIUS!!!

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#2- The world NEEDS you. Yes the world needs to see what you have to offer. There is a market for any and everything. I mean come on there is literally a purse you can pour your wine in..if that isn’t innovative what is?

Seriously though, women are becoming more and more motivated to building a legacy for themselves and every woman that is interested deserves to be a part of this amazing trend. It will take some some time sure, success wont happen overnight but once you narrow down your niche, target your market, and really work hard at it, you can have something truly successful that has been long awaited.

#1- Drumroll please…..and the number one reason why a 9-5 just won’t do for women is because we all have a purpose in our lifetime. We all have a calling, a talent, a destiny. There is something that you were created to be and your purpose in life is to find what that is. Find your passion..and share it with the world!

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There is not a person that walks this Earth that doesn’t have a true purpose, the thing is just that not all people go out and seek what that is, or some unfortunately are not able to which is why we must treat life as the precious gift it is and go out and do something amazing with ourselves….NOW!

Even if starting a business just really isn’t your thing. There is still something that you need to do before you leave this world. Something you have always wanted to do, some place amazing you want to travel to..or many places for that matter.

Whatever it is be encouraged to find what you truly seek, and please, please don’t ever stop until you obtain it.

You owe it to yourself.

Until next time..

Peace and Blessings.

La’Ray Renee

Motivational Blogger