Say yes…to the stress??

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Wait, what?  Who actually says yes to stress, who wants that kind of pressure right? The thing is though as long as you are long as you are a functioning adult in this society you will at some point become the target of stress, so the key is to actually learn how to cope with it, deal with it, and still know that despite the level  of stress you are dealing with right now at this very moment, you can still live your best life!

We have bills, we have relationship issues, we have kids, we have so many different types of struggles that consume our thoughts that to ever say we just want a “stress free life” would like be wishing upon a star…seriously it’s just not going to happen.

Is money the answer to everything, no?  Is finally getting married the answer to all the issues that may be in your life? Absolutely not.

Have you ever noticed how people will often equate everything to stress?

A good friend notices some grey hair in you head, a common answer you will likely say is “girl that’s stress!”

You had a long week at work and maybe want to end the week at the local happy hour spot, and you tell the bartender..”make it a double, I had a long stressful week.”

These are all common issues that the average adult has to go through at some point, and I’m not saying it’s not stress, I’m just saying that we have to do better of not letting that word and that state of mind take over healthy happy living, because yes stress can kill!!

So how can we combat it? Sure there are things that we can do to eliminate or decrease the amount of stress we are feeling. We can take up yoga, talk to a counselor, or sleep it off.  However, the very first thing you must do to take stress out is to STOP CLAIMING IT!

Yes, stop claiming it. Stop adopting it to your life on a regular basis. Learn to use other words that describe your feeling. Take on a new outlook when it comes to daily stress, and when  you begin to feel overwhelmed by the things that you inevitably have to deal with on a day to day basis anyway, then say yes to stress and deal with it head on…full force.

Handle it. You got this.

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I’m pretty sure that if your anything like me, you may be the type of person that takes care of all the priorities first, deals with all the “To-Do’s” first and then maybe you devote any extra time, income, or opportunities to doing the fun stuff if at all possible…later, or one day.

We have to get out of that mindset.  Sometimes you have to make yourself the priority. You have to decide that you are going to do what you feel will make you the happiest in that moment. The most stress free.

We also have to get out of asking anyone and everyone that will listen, for their opinions on decisions we have to personally make. This is because the more opinions you acquire and pocket in your mind, the more confused you will get as to what decision will be the best, essentially adding more unnecessary stress.

If there is anything we can all agree on, especially with so many things we are witnessing in this lifetime, is that life can be so short.  So to say that we will allow a factor that we sometimes allow to reside in our minds by our own word of mouth and unintentional claims is absolutely crazy!

I say, do more of what makes you happy.  Leave work at work. Spend more time with your real friends. Treat yourself.  Read more things that give you ideas on how to lead the best stress free life because those self help tactics actually work!

Organize your space at home, get rid of the clutter.  Finally decide to cut off those unnecessary connections that do nothing but decrease your peace.

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Realize how much of the stress in your life is actually caused by the choices YOU are making and the habits you have, and understand the power of letting them go!

So when I say, say “yes to stress” I’m telling you to take a stand against it and stop allowing it to dictate how you are going to wake up feeling in the morning, and how you feel when go to bed at night. Take back your ability to live WITH unavoidable stress, but not allow it to take over.

I hope this helps.

Until next time….

Peace and Blessings..