Loving YOU/ Part 2: Your Circle

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First and foremost if you haven’t already had the opportunity to read part one of this blog series check it out here –>https://sharingpinkpromos.com/2018/06/26/loving-you-part-1-the-amazing-feeling-of-self-esteem/

I realize the importance and the value of telling my readers how amazing they are.  As women sometimes we tend to forget that little gem.

Loving YOU/Part 1 was a piece to truly express how I feel about women and their own self esteem and how it should never be compromised. No matter who you are or what you do there should always be a confidence beaming from within that cant be tainted.

You have to make sure that you are holding yourself accountable for the energy you allow to fill yourself with.  This includes your circle…your inner most circle. The people you surround yourself with on a regular basis, the people you trust your well being with, and the people that will genuinely uplift you.

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I always say to pay attention to those people that enter your life and that you believe to trust. The thing is there will be many people that will enter and then at some point make their exit…that’s life. The importance behind this is knowing that it simply is okay for the connection to them to be cut.

Who you are and where you  are going in this lifetime is already written and the people that play the key roles will be there to stay OR they will teach you something valuable about your experiences and your journey here on Earth.

I believe nothing short of this- your inner circle should be filled with nothing but positive vibes and well balanced energy.  These individuals have to provide something for you and vice versa.  This means everyone. From the people you call your closest friends, the person you are romantically involved with, right down to the people you choose to network with if that applies to you.

What you surround yourself with is what you will consume energetically.  What you bring into your own energy will have a direct effect on how you feel about yourself, where you aspire to be in life, and ultimately what path you are going down.

I mentioned well balanced energy and that means that you are just as responsible for maintaining a healthy connection to a person as they are with you. You have to recognize when someone wishes you the best and wants the best for you vs. someone that is just in your life by way of selfishness.  In other words, they are only in it for self. They don’t give as much as you in whatever form of giving you want to consider…but I primarily mean mentally and emotionally.

People will remain in your life for all the wrong reasons even when you can’t see it clearly for yourself, a lot of times they know.  The thing is some people will remain within your life because they need to see for themselves what happens next for you. It isn’t about them, it’s about you and what your next move will be and that clearly isn’t well balanced.

Let’s be clear, while I write to inform you of the people around you, take a moment in time to do a self check. Really be honest- what type of person are you within someone else’s circle?  Are you cheering them on? Are you supportive? Are you uplifting them? What type of energy are you bringing to them? As a friend, have you been fair? Have you listened or have you just heard them?  Have you been a friend that has been empathetic to others? Are you understanding? Do you give just as much as you take?  Be honest with yourself when you answer these questions and if you can honestly say that the answer to all these questions was yes, then that’s great, keep that same energy. However, if any of those answers were no, what can you do to fix that? How can you make amends?

So that was a just a quick self-check in, it’s healthy to do those from time to time because a lot of times we point the finger at others and the mirror we wake up to look in every day, unfortunately is a bit cloudy.

Just being honest.

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By the time you finish reading this blog, my hope is that you can identify the good, the bad, and the ugly within your own circle. I mean really take the time at some point in your life to really think about this.  There could be so much dead weight in your life and you may not realize how much of a relief it will be when you can confidently say that you are surrounded by nothing but love and light.

Do I mean that you have to go cutting people off like a mad woman ( or man) no not necessarily. You just have to realize where everyone falls in your life and act or treat them accordingly.  Your people, I mean your REAL people you will know exactly who they are. You will be able to look back on the all the times they were there for you when you needed them, provided you with something of value, or just simply gave you the best version of themselves no matter what.

On the contrary the “others”…well you should also be able to identify them as well.  They will be the ones that don’t support you, that aren’t trying to grow in life, they don’t bring anything significant to you; and by that I don’t mean anything tangible or anything that involves something like a girls night out, while those are nice,  I mean they don’t inspire you. They don’t uplift you; they don’t acknowledge anything in YOUR life that you are doing that is of value to them.  Plain and simple they just won’t really be anything you will truly miss in life when you go to the next level or embark on a new chapter. Hopefully that doesn’t sound harsh because it’s not meant to be, but it is meant to be real.

This purpose of this blog is to be some what of a reality check for you as a woman and also as a friend. Your circle should be well rounded and supported and anything that doesn’t fit within the standards of what your circle should look and feel like, don’t be afraid to make some changes.

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