Why EVERY woman should watch “Someone Great” ( yes there was a lesson)….REVIEW!

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I won’t give too much away (just in case you haven’t watched the movie yet) but in my opinion this one was pretty good.  It just released on Netflix a few days ago and it stars Gina Rodriguez, DeWanda Wise, and Brittany Snow.

The plot of the movie was following 3 best friends approaching their 30s, and one of them is going through a great heartbreak. What this movie showed us was first and foremost was friendship. Not only friendship with her girls but a friendship with who she saw as the love of her life. ( Lakeith Stanfield)

So her relationship was going on for 9 years before it ended and let me just say the chemistry her and Lakeith had was CRAZY! You couldn’t NOT feel what they had. 9 YEARS though? Most of us know what it feels like to be in a situation that you never saw coming to an end and then have to go through the heartbreak of losing it, so to think of life after 9 years with someone to suddenly change can sound pretty scary.

What she came to realize after going through the process, because it IS a process, was that it was something that they both needed to learn something from and move forward with in life.

I liked this movie because I feel like Gina Rodriguez was AMAZING in her role. She was passionate, and natural in her character, and I think every woman watching her could on some level relate to her as a character or the emotions she had to go through in this role.

She was dating someone that was in essence the perfect mate for her and the love story unfolds in such a way that I think we all can relate to. So to watch her start  the story and watch where it took her was pretty investing from the audience POV.

What I noticed about this couple was this, she had her life mapped out about what she wanted to do, where she wanted to be, and stepping stones on how to get there. He on the other hand never really has a vision of life outside of her. So he lacked ambition, and for a woman chasing her dreams as a writer you have to be pretty willing to go the extra mile to reach major milestones. As women we want someone just as passionate as we are about life and goals and success.

She suddenly got a great job offer that was moving her to the other side of the country and her and her boyfriend then begin to see where their relationship was being tested.

She was willing to give the long distance a try, and because he was complacent in their hometown, he wasn’t ready to up and leave. So because she basically got an offer she couldn’t refuse at that point in her life and he was stuck on where he wanted to be, the relationship had to come to an end.

He wasn’t willing to give up on his beliefs about long distance relationships and she wasn’t willing to give up on her dreams. THIS was when she knew life had to go on, she had to close that chapter in her life and prepare to write the next.

While all of this is unraveling, she is rallied by two close friends who are going through their own relationship “stuff”. One who has a commitment issue, that is afraid to fall completely in love; while the other was with a guy for years but who began to get unhappy in her routine life and knew that her current boyfriend wasn’t her great love story either, so she moves on.

All in all the crew make very liberating choices in life as they prepare to embark on a new journey in their individuals lives. I definitely recommend you watching this movie with your girls for a girls night in; or you just relax and watch it solo. Either way I don’t think you will be sorry.

Netflix gets about 4 stars from me for the realness.

Until next time.

La’Ray Renee