Dear Little Miss Know-It-All: 5 Things We Wish We Could Have Told Our Younger Selves…….


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Have you seen the social media question that has been floating around that says something to the effect of” 4 words you would tell your younger self”?

Well if you haven’t it’s definitely a question that has been getting major attention and I have seen everything from some of the funniest replies to some a little more serious.

So seriously, if you could go back in time and tell your younger self something based on what you know life to be now, what would it be?  I definitely have a lot more than 4 words, but I think I can chalk it up to at least 5 things I would tell goes:

#5-Go straight to college. While having a college degree does not necessarily give you the blueprint to success, for those of us who always wanted to accomplish this goal this may be significant. For me I graduated college as an adult, also as a single mother and though it was one of my greatest accomplishments in life to date, I would have definitely went to college straight after high school. Why? I believe it would have changed the course for many things I did post Senior Year, but I think that if I would have done it sooner, my stepping stones would have been layed out a little differently for me. I think that there would have been more opportunities that presented themselves to me that would have been beneficial to me at that time. I also believe that more of my focus would have been on school and “other things” ( dare I mention) would have taken a back seat.

#4- Face ALL of your fears. The worst that could happen is you fail and try again. I realize now as an adult there were certain things I let as a young lady have an impact on my thinking. This way of thinking carried over into my adult years and has since subsided, however, I would definitely go after certain things that I let fear deter me from.

#3-It’s okay to not “fit in.”  Growing up, especially in high school there was a certain way that our peers decided who was cool and who wasn’t and it was all clearly for superficial reasons, yet many of us had a need to fit in. What I know now is that people are going to judge you no matter what. People are going to take one look at your social media pages, and think they have you pegged. They will have good, bad, and ugly things to say no matter if you’re up or down. So I would say just be YOU. Stand out, think differently, think outside the box. Self expression is limitless, so do it proudly.

#2-That’s not love. I was head over heels for my high school sweetheart and that was the first time I ever felt real emotion for a guy. That was also the first time I felt heartbreak.  As I got older I experienced so many things that were presented to me as love yet, hurt me at the same time and what I NOW know is that none of those things were REAL love.  Real love does not manipulate, it does not physically hurt you, and it wont make you lower your true value. I can honestly say now, I know what real LOVE should look like and most importantly what it should feel like.

And last but not least….(drum roll)…

#1 SLOW DOWN!!! I think this is the most important thing I would have to relay to my younger self. GIRL JUST SLOW DOWN! You have so much more time to do all those things that you think are so important to you right now.  I think many of us can relate to this one. Slowing down on so many different things we did, would have caused us to make different decisions. Doing “adult things” wouldn’t look as attractive or appealing, and time wouldn’t be wasted on things that are not worthy of it.

Regardless of what you think of for your younger self, just don’t have any regrets. Maybe mistakes yes, but no regrets because life is all about a journey to learn and grow and it is because of your past and things you’ve grown through, that you are the human being that you are today, and I want to bet that you are pretty amazing.

So keep giving all of the very best of you in everything you touch and you will see where it can take you.

Until Next Time,

Peace and Blessings

La’Ray Renee