I #NoMakeupChallenged Myself…here’s why!

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Before going any further let me set the record straight, I am not ANTI- makeup. I have plenty of it and will still continue to get dolled up when necessary, so that’s not what this blog is about.  You all know about all the challenges trending on social media right? Well I decided to challenge myself with #NOMAKEUP but the real challenge was..how was I actually going to go without wearing makeup?

So just as a background, I was someone that wore makeup basically every single day. I would not attempt to go to work without coverage and even a quick afternoon out on the weekends I would still need something. Only I didn’t NEED it, I just made myself believe I did, and for someone with super sensitive skin, I felt insecure about not having at least a light coverage on to diminish the flaws I have.

I really don’t know what it was about 2018 for me but there definitely was a sense of freedom and liberation. I finally decided to go completely natural and big chop the rest of my permed my hair, and then somewhere in the matrix I decided to just stop with the makeup everyday.

I think the no makeup decision came after one night of me getting totally frustrated with my face and the constant breakouts I would have. I could never pin point it down to what would cause me to breakout so easily but I knew that piling more makeup on top of my already sensitive skin would not help. So I just stopped. I started with just very little  and subtle concealer while still doing a bold lippie and eyeliner, then I lost the concealer..then eventually came the eyeliner…and while anyone who knows me, knows I love a bright red, bold lip..eventually I was leaving out of my house with nothing on my face but my moisturizer.

Was I insecure at first, definitely. But did that quickly subside, absolutely! Do you realize how much time I actually save in the morning now!!??

Really, I mean I am ready to go in no time now and that’s a bonus.  So did I just give up on how I look? No, I still work in a professional setting so I still have to be presentable but what I learned is that “presentable” is what I make it, and beauty..well we all know the saying…is in the eye of the beholder.

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Honestly, choosing to go without any makeup isn’t really a big deal to many women. There are many who just simply don’t wear it so this won’t really be of significance to that group,  but I think this is blog worthy because for me, it was about an insecurity. An insecurity I had until one day I decided that I wanted something better, long term. By that I mean that I wanted to begin working on clearing the flaws on my skin for the long term by practicing new skin care regimens.

I had to choose to be okay with my imperfections. I had to look at myself in the mirror and be confident in what I saw.  Were people going to talk about me or judge my skin and the blemishes I have? Maybe, but that’s none of my business. I quickly learned that everything that I saw as imperfect, was merely skin deep. Meaning they can be removed. What they didn’t do was define me, and what I know myself to be.

The more comfortable you are in your own skin, that’s one less thing you have to worry about in life.  With all the other things we have to go through and deal with in our individual lives,  do we really need to add our own self insecurity to the list?

I want women to see how beautiful they are with or without makeup. Regardless of your skin tone, hair texture, or body shape you are uniquely and divinely made and the only person that can steal that joy from you..is you.

The #nomakeup challenge for me was about empowering myself no matter what. It was about facing a fear that I essentially created myself for years.  Some may believe that it’s not that deep, but insecurity within women is a factor that can lead to so many other issues. Depression being a major one.  If we can finally learn to embrace exactly who we are, the need to fit anyone else’s standard of what ” real beauty” is really just becomes absurd. It’s like you have this epiphany and the need to please others becomes a need to please yourself.

To the woman reading this that may be dealing with any type of physical insecurity, or believe that anything about how you look isn’t good enough, read this and be clear. The stigma you have in your mind is unworthy of dwelling within you. Your beauty is one of a kind.  If there is something about yourself that you want to change, change it. Work on it, or do whatever you feel the need to do, but do it because you want to enhance what is already lovely about you.  Don’t make changes to anything about yourself until you have embraced everything about who you are before you make those changes.  Make changes with a clear heart and mind. Love yourself unconditionally and not only will that exude from your own energy but anyone in your life or that comes into your life will have no choice but to love it too.

Until Next Time

Peace and Blessings

La’Ray Renee