Introducing Kaleido-Blog Drops: A Woman’s Weekly Motivational Blog Drop (Sample Submission)

As women we are constantly looking for ways  to build, enrich, and enhance our lives. We often look for a ” formula” or a come up as some would call it.

We go on a search to find a better way to live, to take care of our children, and to ultimately build a name for ourselves. While wanting more for ourselves and for our future is a phenomenal motivating force, I think there too comes a point where we must embrace the “now”.

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What can we gain from where we are right now? How can we truly appreciate the level at which we are currently occupying?

So to kick off the tribute to Kaleidoscope Hair Products, for the next few weeks I invite you to follow our weekly “Kaleido-Blog Drops”. Weekly blogs designed to reach as many women as possible to “drop” some words of wisdom, knowledge, experience, advice, support and love to encourage them to truly see how life as you choose to see it can be a beautiful miracle.

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Sharing P.I.N.K Promotions as a brand was designed to pour into women the motivation they can use to be the best version of themselves, give the best of themselves and to one day have the capacity to pour into other women the very positive energy that they used to build themselves up.  With this mission we strive to “share purposeful, inspirational and nourishing knowledge for the soul….or as we call it SHARING_ P.I.N.K!

So what can you expect in this 4 week series?

Week 1-Dropzone-“The ride of your life.”

Week 2- When the Beat Drops-“Embracing Failure”

Week 3-Self Worth-“Giving Love at the Drop of a Dime”

Week 4 -Miracle Drops-“A change is coming.”

An Intro to Week 1: “The Ride of Your Life”

“So you decide to get on this ride called life right? You have decided to take the chance and just get on. You approach it cautiously, step in, buckle yourself down and close your eyes…..

Up you go…slowly.

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You still have your eyes closed and you are nervous. No turning back now and you have finally reached the very top. Take a deep breath in slowly but you exhale quickly. It’s quiet at the top and you’re wondering was this mistake? Should I try to get off? No–it’s too late to go back now. I’m here….you hear the countdown begin…5…4….3….2…1……..”

So what does this have to do with us as women and with life? Catch week 1 of “Kaleido-Blogs: Weekly Blog Drops for Women”


Until next time,

Peace and Blessings.