Same book, different chapter.




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So our life is like this big open book right. We are the main characters and with each turn of the page we are looking to get one step closer to what will be a happy ending or a great finale.

Sometimes however, we can find ourselves at the end of a chapter and really not have much to say that we enjoyed about it. There maybe wasn’t enough action, excitement, or just individual experiences that were able to leave us anything to think about. Or on the contrary a chapter could leave us so  twisted and confused that we aren’t certain if we are able to keep up with it.

That’s exactly how life can be. Either filled with life altering, stirred and shaken up moments or just moments that simply don’t provide us with much of anything.  The moments where we are almost looking at our lives from the outside in and wondering what’s next for us because THIS just can’t be life.

When things go wrong or just don’t go as we imagined them to be, sometimes we begin to lose the desire to continue to pursue whatever that is, but that can be a good or bad thing.  Bad thing in a sense that we lose hope too soon and likely just when we decide to give up is when the breakthrough comes. Or it can be a good thing in a sense that it’s time to move forward. Change is necessary.  You have come to the point in your life where there is nothing more to read.  Same book meaning it’s still your life and you still have control but it’s just time to change the chapter.

You will know when you have hit this point because there really just won’t be anything that is feeding your spirit. There doesn’t feel like there is currently much to look forward to and it will feel like everything just seems to be going wrong or not going at all.

The cycles you keep involving yourself in will begin to feel beneath you and what was once feeling like comfort within them will feel like a pointless waste of time.

You will know that it’s time to change that chapter when your surroundings have changed…or there will be a strong desire to change it. This means things like the work that you are doing may not be fulfilling you. People that you have attached yourself to might not be who you used to see them as. Time just seems to be moving quicker and you may feel as though you progress is getting shorter.

I’m here to tell you, whatever these changes in your life are doing…embrace them.  Change is good. Change is necessary.

I think about my decision to move from the city I grew up in and how I have always feared the unknown when it came to leaving. Then I met the man I choose to spend the rest of my life with and realize that there is more to life than just what I’m comfortable with.  He challenged me one day and said “tell me…what more is there for you to do here, that you haven’t already done.” I had to pause and let it sink in but it only took minutes for me to realize that he was right. I had outgrown my surroundings and I am quickly approaching the point in life where I need to start a new chapter.

So if you’re reading this and unsure of what’s next for you…OR…you are certain of what’s next but you are allowing something with dead weight to hold you back from it. I challenge you to ask yourself..” what more can I gain from being stuck in this aspect of my life?”

If the answer is nothing I encourage you to change chapters. This is your life book. You have the power to control the narrative and begin seeing yourself in a story worth reading. Remember one day

when life must go forward without us, we will be remembered for many things. What will your story say about you?

Until next time,

Peace and Blessings

La’Ray Renee