“Glow, Girl…”

Glow girl. Glow because your soul is pure and your drive inspires me. Glow because you are the epitome of beauty. Your entrance into a room is like a movie premier…we’ve all been waiting for it. Glow Girl…

You always seem to keep a smile on your face despite the type of day you’ve been having and not once do you complain. You have this gift..this gift of allowing your spirit to fill the room and intoxicate everyone around you. How on Earth do you do that? It’s with your Glow, girl…

Glow, girl. I tell you to glow because you have a light that was created to shine BRIGHT. The things you do, the words you say all have power in them and I want you to live this life walking in that very power. I’m telling you to glow because I want you to see what I see. A woman of beauty, AND of grace. A strong woman that may have had a few stumbles here and there but she could never give up. Why should you? Remember a minor set back calls for a major comeback.

Glow girl. Glow because you deserve to be seen. Seen in a light that only those of your caliber could identify. Your presence is strong and your style is fierce. Remember that your very existence is priceless and anyone that tries to minimize your value has no space in your life.

As women we sometimes forget that we were created specially. We were put on this Earth with a great purpose and I pray that every woman reading this is conscious to what hers is. A purpose that gives you such great joy that your mind and your heart are filled with the very passion of it.

A woman glows because she has wrapped her mind around what this life should look and feel like to HER… in her vision, not what society says. She glows because she is taking every significant moment in her life, the good AND the bad and she is learning how to embrace them…learn from them and use them as fuel.

In love she glows because she is treated as a Queen. She is valued and never taken for granted. She is matched with the very human being that adores her and can lift her up and lead her in times of need.

In her circle she glows because she surrounds herself with like minded and spirited individuals. Women that are like her, strong and motivated. Women that uplift her relentlessly. They see the fire in her and never try to extinguish her flame, but on the contrary add fuel to it!

So when I tell you to..”Glow, Girl”, I seek to encourage you to walk in your purpose. Live in your truth, and demand your respect. I seek to be a voice that can help heighten your self awareness of how amazing you are and how much potential you have. You deserve to have a spirit of happiness within you and it starts from that very place…within YOU.

So..Glow, Girl…

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee