National Blog Posting Month 2019!!!

The time is now Bloggers!!!

Today is day #1 of #NABLOPOMO which means for those of us that are “daily post challenged” we can use this challenge as a way to inflict writer’s discipline upon ourselves.

How often will you write? Daily? Weekly?

The choice is yours! Just whatever you do stick with it.

Your blog is your voice..your open forum and your passion!!

Use this time to not only drive traffic to your blog but to find news ways to be your best and most creative self.

The possibilities are endless!!!

Needs some ideas???

-Pick an overall “theme” to write about for the challenge. This will make coming up with the content easier.

-Do interviews for the month.

-Pre-write and schedule your posts.

-Share your blog post topic ahead of time that way you HAVE to write.

-Write short, meaningful blogs that you can do quicker.

-Do blog collaborations.

-Do blog reviews for your challenge.

-Step outside the box. Do something totally different from what your audience is used to seeing.

-Remember to Have fun with this!!!

Happy Blogging!!!