Thoughts of a Blog Queen: If THIS is Where You Became Sick..How will you heal?



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Get out of that cycle. Nothing has changed and so therefore everything will be the same. It’s really not science. If you continue to place yourself in a situation that does not have HEALTHY, reciprocated love embedded in the roots, how will you grow?

If you continue to spend 8 hours of your day in a place that leaves you feeling unappreciated and unfulfilled, how will you prosper?

Too often we stay in dark areas of our lives out of the comfort of knowing what to expect and we settle for how we’ve just learned how to maneuver around with no real passion or direction when all the while we are missing out on the light.

The light that will shine so bright on your soul the minute you experience it you will wonder how you’ve ever been blind to it for so long.

I get’s what we know. What we are used to. No one really ever wants to lose something that they have become accustomed to for so long right?

Some people don’t respond to or handle change well, but the thing is without the change that you truly need you are essentially staying in the same environment that has made you sick..or in an alternate way of putting it has held you back from the healing you  need in order to advance to the next phase of what should be your amazing  life.

I think about the neglect and the emotional or even physical abuse that some people choose to stay in out of fear, out of toxic love, or just out of the lack of pertinent self love and I wonder how many times a day, a week , a month…that person thinks about just leaving.

I think about that person that is feeling stuck in that 9-5 job that they have been on for years with no real growth or advancement  to show for it and I wonder the often do they think about just leaving?

Except “just leaving” is never really that easy to do. Not when you have feelings tied to a person or not when you have priorities in life that you must maintain and so just quitting that job is not an option.

It’s never easy to adapt to that difficult change…however, what should be easy for you to do, is love yourself.

Love yourself enough to know that THIS, this isn’t IT for you and you deserve so much more. You deserve to wake up every single day that you are blessed to open your eyes to wake up and have something to look forward to, something to be happy about. Something to finally have faith in…and once you’ve mastered THAT…everything else becomes clear.

Just my thoughts….


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