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Okay…so why do I blog??  I decided to blog because  this is my form of expression. It is a way for me to take a certain topic that may have been on my mind, or something  I may have experienced, or just something that is on my heart and use my words to express it from my own point of view.

Blogging for me right now is a way to build myself up to what I truly want to do which is be published author of several titles. I want to be a creator of  stories both fiction and  non-fiction. I want to be able to produce a project that will take an audience into the place of the words. I want to be able to create a unique piece of  work that will allow my readers to actually  feel where I am coming from. I want to produce work that will serve a purpose, inspire you, nourish your soul, and give you some form of in-depth knowledge of the intended POV.

So we all believe in self-expression right? Well blogging is self expression. I’m free to blog about whatever I want. I have the opportunity to share with you some of my most intimate thoughts that I have, or I can blog about what I think may be on your mind. The thing is, as women we experience some of the same things, and we can relate to one another on many different levels. So my hope is to maybe express something that will resonate with you. With my blog I just want to spread positive energy and I want to contribute to something  that women can relate to.

I feel as though there is a lack of  GENUINE ( read that again) GENUINE women supporting women, and just women uplifting others and so it’s my time to put that energy into the world. I feel like if I can just touch one woman and make a change in her mind or in her heart with my blogging and writing I’ve done my job I have served a purpose.
They say that at some point in life God will tell you what your purpose is and what he wants you to do, and well, I feel like this is my time. I feel it’s time I share my passion with the world and embark on a journey of writing. I’m not exactly sure where the writing will take me, and I’m not sure if it is indeed my true calling per se, but I do know that it is something that I go to sleep every night thinking about.

So with that being said, here’s to sharing your passion, finding your purpose, spreading  positive energy, and making yourself happy!!

Until Next Time,

Peace &Blessings

La’Ray Renee