5 Reasons Why Your Passion is MAGIC!


Do you believe me when I say that YOUR talent..that thing that you do..that skill you possess…that thing that you are so passionate about..do you believe me when I say it’s like magic?

You literally were blessed with a gift inside of you that you do far better than so many other people and what fuels that the most is the passion burning inside of you.

Magicians are super passionate right.  Some of them go far beyond what a basic magician would do in order to completely WOW their audience.  They are willing to take their magic tricks to new levels and sometimes even put their life on the line in the name of MAGIC!

Now, that’s definitely not what I’m telling you to do, but I can definitely tell you why your passion is just like magic.

Here’s why:

5-Your passion has the ability to take you and your audience to new levels. No matter what you do, there is an end goal and when you are sharing that passion with the world you are giving them a chance to be WOW’d.

4-Sometimes your passion will make you “disappear”. By this I mean that there may be times when you have to go off the radar to perfect your craft and get it exactly the way you want it. Know that this is OKAY! This is apart of the creative process and should be taken seriously.

3-The BEST magicians are not afraid to take risks! They will literally find new out of the box ways to entertain their audience and they never get discouraged by their biggest competition..which is themselves.  Sometimes when we are super passionate about something we become our own biggest critic and we tend to allow ourselves to to get in our own way. Don’t be that person!

2-Magicians are SUPER creative! I can bet that the very thing that you are most passionate about brings out the creativity in you and sometimes you just wow yourself. It’s an amazing feeling to see that you have created something or achieved something that you are passionate about and know that you have outdone yourself. Pat yourself on the back!

Finally, the number one reason why your passion is like magic...Image result for woman levitating


You know how those really good magicians can make themselves levitate…be lifted off the ground and it always blows the audience’s mind?

Well your passion has the ability to levitate, “lift” or take you to new heights too.  Though I don’t mean literally, I definitely mean metaphorically.  In whatever it is that you do, you do it for passion and purpose.  It is with hopes that this “thing” opens up great opportunities for you and with that can definitely come your chance to be lifted.

You have the ability to do some thing amazing for yourself and as long as you continue to give it everything you got and you continue to take it serious, the possibilities are endless. Your passion can heighten your sense of self accomplishment, heighten your level of creative thinking, and here’s the big one..heighten your level success of course!

So if you take anything from this blog, take this….NEVER give up on your dreams and your passion. Never feel as though it’s not good enough or not big enough to be something great.  You have to stand by your dreams and if no one else does…believe in yourself. Your gift is no accident and it’s just waiting to be shared SO go ahead..share your passion with the world!

Until Next time,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee