Thoughts of a Blog Queen:Make Peace With It and Move On

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Here’s the thing, we cant stay stuck on something that didn’t work out forever right?

It’s unfortunate when something we deeply  wanted fails us, but the likelihood that whatever it was, was truly for you is slim to none..otherwise you would have it.

I feel like that’s how we have to look at things in life, because there is purpose for all of us and there is reason  for everything.

I think it just becomes harder to process when we actually saw what we wanted. Like we had a real life vision and a plan for the future of it.. but the sooner we can come to terms with the idea that “what’s meant to be, will be” I think the sooner we can move on with our lives and spend less time in spaces that aren’t serving us.

When you truly make peace with something, you are acknowledging that the outcome was what’s best and you have equipped yourself with the mental realization that your connection to it is no more.

When the time has expired, you look towards the future.

What you no longer need, you let it go.

What you no longer have a defined purpose for, you accept and move forward.

When it’s out of your control, you release it.

Just make peace with it and move on because the time on the clock for life AFTER the fact has already started and time waits for no one.

Give yourself permission to end the chapter, accept the conclusion, close the book and prepare to re-write the story.

Just my thoughts…

A Blog Queen