Ever Wonder Why… We ALWAYS say “Share”?

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Okay, here’s the deal…here’s why bloggers, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creatives are constantly asking YOU our friends, family and acquaintances …(and even those many people we’ve added to our friends list but have no clue who they are) here’s why we are always requesting a share or show of support…because why not it’s free right Lol!!??

Well that’s just the simplistic answer but seriously it’s because of our passion. It’s because we are working hard at whatever it is that we do and when it comes to certain people that we know we just would like to think that you would want to see us be successful at our dreams. We would like to think that you would want to help us out with the simple click of a button.

The thing is regardless as to whether or not you take what they do serious, or whether you can see the vision the way they do.. it’s possible that someone YOU know may, and that person may share it with the next..and so forth.

It’s all about the networking. Social media can go a long way and the fact of the matter is showing your support by clicking share is honestly the least you can do but it means a lot to the person you’re sharing for..trust me on this.

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When a person has these big ideas and they spend hours and hours perfecting their craft of course they want to share it with the world, that’s the whole idea. Those entrepreneurs that you know, that have finally got enough guts to step out on faith and finally go live with their businesses, they need as many potential clients to see their service and/or products as possible, that’s apart of the marketing.

When a person has been working hard at their dreams and they have all these connections to people that are on social media every single day, sharing all of these memes, and videos and even some of the dumbest stuff floating around …it almost becomes offensive when they don’t see that you’re supporting them too.

When you’re friends with someone and you see their daily grind, and you don’t at the very least share their work, but you make it your business to do that for other people you may or may not even know personally, for some it shakes their confidence, and for others it’s just a slap in the face.

Social media is all about the numbers, and whether you know it or not your likes, comments, and shares all mean something in the big picture. So yes, they are constantly saying share, share, share because again, why not?facebook instagram network notebook

You will often find that a lot of times small business owners, coaches, bloggers, etc won’t even ask you directly to financially support them or physically go out of your way to help them ( I said SOME) and that’s because truly they want the satisfaction of knowing the work they have been doing is from an organic customer that is genuinely interested and WOW’d by what they have to offer or what they are doing. Not to say that family and friends are not real customers and clients, but it’s just that they would like to see how far they can really go to build up their clientele or reach certain goals and it not be due to someone feeling sorry for them and so for you the person standing by watching, wouldn’t it make you feel good to know that just by you showing your support you assisted in them chasing their dreams and becoming successful?


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So instead of looking at their subliminal quotes about not getting any support and rolling your eyes, just understand that it might come from a place of a little bit of disappointment, and that behind the scenes they are really, truly working hard.

For someone with enough guts to actually follow their dreams, invest in it, and share their passions with the world it can at times be a confidence shaker when those closest to them aren’t even doing the one thing that they do all day long anyway…sharing on social media.

Without or without you when a person is serious about their business or their craft they are going to continue to give it all they got and many of those people are destined for huge success, wouldn’t it be a shame to know that all along the very least you could do..you didn’t?

Until Next Time

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee