She Just Needs a Moment:Healing for Someone’s Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Mother and Friend.

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One of the hardest things to do is sit around and wait for something to happen and know that there is really nothing you can do about it  but hope and pray for the best.

It’s even harder when that something you are waiting for is healing.

As my family stands in prayer for my Aunt, I was inspired to use Day 13 of the National Blog Posting Month to take a moment to reflect on the healing of a woman.

Women..such strong beings we are. The actual carriers of LIFE.  Without a woman where would this world be?  A woman IS the epitome of what God saw fit to make something better and so it was done..but sometimes she just needs a moment.

We never know when life will take a turn for the worse and when it happens it takes everyone by surprise and the emotions are overwhelming because you stand in need of something amazing to happen and are never really sure if it will.

So to reflect on everything that a woman goes through both known to those in her life and that which is unknown, she is always expected to be strong because she IS strong, but what happens when her body becomes weak or her mind becomes ill… She just needs a moment.

Who will be strong for HER?

The ones in her life will. The ones that are praying for a change. You will stand strong for her and pray that everything that is weakening her body, her mind, or her spirit to be lifted.  Even if the healing she needs isn’t a physical healing, maybe it’s a mental healing she needs. When depression and worry and stress have become her daily norm, who will be strong for THAT woman?

It takes so much to tear a woman down, and she won’t go down without a fight, but there are times when she is just tired..and she just needs a moment.

Her body needs rest, her emotions need rest, her mind needs to rest… she just needs the world to pause for a moment and let her catch up because it’s almost like she’s out of breath.

So in that moment, when the weight of the world has finally knocked her off her feet, she hasn’t given up she just needs the rest. She needs to close her eyes for just a minute and know that  her family, her friends and all her loved ones have got her. They will be the strength she needs, they will be the power in the prayers,  and they will be light that will continue to shine no matter how much time she needs.

So as you read this if you are thinking of a specific woman that just needs a moment, the very best thing that you can do is continue to pray for her, continue to think of her and continue to have faith that in her moment everything she has lost is being restored, rejuvenated, and renewed and that she will come out of her storm stronger than ever.

Pray for the healing time she needs and know that everything will be okay because… she just needs a moment.


Until Next Time

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee


**For “Ticey”… We Love You Auntie!**