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Amirah’ Ebony Writes

Since earning her bachelor’s degree in Communications Public Relations from the University of Millersville Pennsylvania, Amirah’ has been working as a freelance writer and content creator in Lancaster, PA. With a visionary mindset, she helps small businesses and entrepreneurs with PR management, social media development, and brand imagining. In the spring of 2017, Amirah’ expanded her own personal brand by launching Amirah’ Ebony Writes which showcases her creative writing skills and communications background through blogging, podcasting, and social media engagement on various platforms.


Check out an excerpt from, “Why More Millennials Aren’t In Real Life Relationships”

Where older generations felt rushed to find someone to share their life with, young adults are more likely to wait for a significant other who possesses all the qualities they really care about than to settle for less just to keep from being alone.

Falling in love was challenging enough before the digital age, but now with so many people relying on dating apps to meet someone special, dating is more complicated and impersonal. In 2013, The New York Times questioned whether twenty somethings’ tech dependence was leading to the “end of courtship”. 

Instead of taking the time out to really get acquainted, we are constantly looking for the next best thing, even if what we have in front of us is enough.

Read the rest at –> Why More Millennials Aren’t in Real Life Relationships 

Why She Fits the Mold…

“Amirah’ Ebony is simply a talented blogger. Her voice comes through her writing vibrantly, and her brand is sassy, confident and appealing to the millennial generation.”

Sharing P.I.N.K Promos Blog as a brand is about sharing the passions of women all across the world. Looking for Bloggers to appear for guest features was not hard, but narrowing down the search to the women with the biggest voices lead us to Amirah Ebony.

Amirah’ Ebony is simply a talented blogger. Her voice comes through her writing vibrantly and her brand is sassy, confident and appealing to the millennial generation.  Her blogs are relatable and can easily be classified as trending conversation starters among savvy new bloggers looking for inspiration. I definitely feel like she has a BRIGHT future in freelance writing and we will definitely see big things for her!

Women collectively can create powerful vibes and phenomenal projects so once you’ve found other women that fit into your own vision, you’re on the verge of creating greatness.  Collaborations such as guest features like this are a gateway to the empowerment of women supporting other women.

-La’Ray Renee/Motivational Blogger-Creator of Sharing PINK Promos Blog


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