Give Them Flowers Now: Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Spread Your Love

woman holding pink rose flower closeup photography
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As I was scrolling through social media I noticed that one of my friends posted a picture of some flowers she had received and I immediately “loved” the photo. Although the flowers themselves were certainly beautiful, that wasn’t so much what I loved about the was more so her caption which read “Glad I get my flowers while I’m here on Earth.”

Something about that was powerful enough to inspire me to write about it.

You see I think we often forget to “give people their flowers” on more of a consistent basis and I think that going into the new year..and starting now, that should be more of what we aim to do.

By “flowers” I don’t just mean the physical bouquet that will make you come out of your pockets..I mean all of things that you could be giving those around you or in your personal life that don’t cost a thing.

Things like compliments, support, a listening ear, or acts of service.

The things that ultimately won’t die and be thrown away. They will be remembered.

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It’s not really necessary for this post to be about how short life can be, THAT, we are fully aware of, but how aware are you of what someone in your close circle may be going through? How aware are you of what that person that you walked by at work that looked sad may be feeling in that moment?

We just never really know what a person is going through and sometimes it’s the smallest things that can mean the most. A simple conversation in a grocery with a random person  may have made all the difference in the world for them that day.  A small act of service to a neighbor may have changed their whole mood.

Life carries us in all different directions and sometimes we aren’t as connected to our friends as we used to be, but check on them.  Make sure they are okay…and while you’re at it, check on the strong ones too. They are often the ones that need “flowers” the most.

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Don’t wait until those special occasions or even on the contrary the heart breaking times like funerals to give a person their flowers because you never know when they are in need of it..or when it may be your last chance to do so.

If something is on your mind or your heart to do for a person to help them, just do it because it was placed there for a reason. You may be the blessing they were praying for.

Families, try harder to stay connected to one another and do your best to show up when you can. Make new memories, celebrate old traditions. Just be in the moment.

In your intimate relationships, your marriages..don’t just wait until the birthdays, anniversary, or holidays to show a person how much you care and love them. Make it a priority to give a little more of yourself  to your partner each and every day. Make putting a smile on their face one of your daily tasks. It will be worth it for sure.

Every single day is a blessing, but we each experience it differently and sometimes your act of kindness..or “flowers” that day will go a long way, even if you can’t see the reach.


So..who’s first on your list to get flowers?

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee