Thoughts of a Blog Queen: Your attention is what gives anything power.

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Do you realize how much life you give a situation by simply entertaining it with your attention? Everything doesn’t deserve that energy.

You are fueling things that have no gas on their own by putting your own time and attention into it, all the while not realizing that you’re depleting your own supply.

There are people that actually thrive off of the attention and crave the response they get from always being negative, always being rude, or just by being THAT person that always has something to say. They look for it!

When you make the mistake of responding to it, commenting on it, or even just taking the time out of your day to vent to another person about it, you are giving it the energy it needs to stay running.

Some people and/or situations just don’t deserve that kind of air time!

So here’s the mature advice…ignore it. Do not..I repeat, do not say a thing.

This is a test of your growth and sometimes you just have to let people stay where they are.

You are on the verge of beautiful and great things that are happening in your life and guess what, that comes from the positive energy you have maintained in your life thus far.

Why let something that is unworthy of your time seep it’s way into what you have going on and taint it with bad energy and vibes.

Remember misery loves and NEEDS company because it can’t be maintained alone. Otherwise it would just fall off into a dark place all on it’s own and then no one would be able to see the theatrics!

You’ve come too far.

Leave it alone.

Just my thoughts…..

A Blog Queen