17 Ways to Spruce Up Your “Blog House”…For The New Year!!

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Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on Pexels.com

Okay, so with the new year coming it’s the perfect time to spruce up that blog. I like to think of a blog as a “virtual home” and it’s time for that “winter haul” or spring cleaning depending on when you read this.

With new goals, new ideas and new creative sparks, you want to make sure that your blog has a fresh look and/or feel…and if you are happy with the current look then that’s great! You may still find a few ideas to do some minor housekeeping.


Okay! Here they are:

  • Theme. Doing something as simple as switching up the background to your current theme makes a BIG difference. Some people have found a theme layout that they love and utilize perfectly, so it’s okay to keep that. Maybe just add a pop of color and change your font style for a little extra flare.
  • Photo Updates. If you have any photos of yourself on your blog, it would be a great time to update them. Also, make sure that your photos are of high quality.
  • Host a Challenge.  As you may have noticed by my featured image on this post, I am in the middle of hosting the National Blog Posting Month Challenge. Hosting a challenge is a great element to add to your blog to drive traffic and also hold yourself accountable for posting on a consistent basis.
  • Host a contest.  As with a challenge, hosting a contest for the new year or a new launch ( if you’re just starting your blog) is an effective way to bring in NEW traffic, because after all EVERYONE loves a good, free giveaway right? BRING ON THE GOODS!!
  • About Info.  Check out your about page. Make sure that is current and has any new information you may want to add, or old information you may want to edit. Make sure your audience sees that you stay up to date on everything. This brings them back!
  •  Delete old plug-ins/De-clutter. If you have any old plug-ins not in use. Trash them. Old drafts that didn’t quite make the cut, delete them. Out with the old, in with the new. You will actually feel the difference when you de-clutter your blog. Trust me on this!
  • Join a Blog Group. Join communities that will actually let you share your blogs. This is a sure fire way to increase the traffic and get new ideas possibly.
  • Use a thesaurus. Sprucing up your blog can also include you paying close attention to the main element…your writing. If you find that you have words that you use repeatedly, learn how to incorporate new ones. This adds intelligence and a sense of variety for your readers.
  • Create your email subscribe list. After all you want new readers right? Give them an easy way to sign up and stay plugged in to your community.
  • Social Share Buttons. Make sure that you have your settings in tact so that when you publish your blogs they automatically post on all your handles.  Also make sure that you have your social media connects visible on your landing page.
  • Pinterest. Do you have a Pinterest set up for your blog? If not, get one! Pinterest happens to be one of the leading funnels for new traffic to your blog. You can even write a quick new post announcing the addition.
  • Research. Do your blog research. There are so many tips and tricks to blogging and hundreds of ways to make it stand out and make it work for you. Get to know the ins and outs and utilize them!
  • Stay organized. No one wants to frequent a messy blog. Make sure your readers are clear on what your blog contains and make sure that the navigation is user friendly.
  • Share, Share, Share.  It’s that simple. Share your blogs and website every single day.  You’ve been working hard on it. Share it with the world!
  • Keep a journal. This will allow you to be more creative with your content. Writing in a journal daily will spark so many new ideas and concepts for your blog. Keep track of the ideas that randomly pop in your head and use them to make great new posts. You don’t want to bore your readers with the same stuff.
  • Photos. Add photos to your blog. Even ones you have taken yourself are great. A picture can describe a thousand words. Use them.
  • Plug Ins. Although I said to trash the old ones, you still should find the ones that will serve your blog. There are tons of plug- ins available that will amplify your blog to a new level such as really good SEO plug ins. Give your blog everything it needs to be fully functioning and ready to work for you.


There you have it! 17 ways to spruce up your blog or just make it a little bit better for the new year. Not all of these may apply to you, and some you may already be doing which is great, just remember again that your blog is like your “virtual house” and it’s an extension of your voice and you want to keep your readers coming back for more!

I hope this list was useful!

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee