18 And Up: What Adulting For The New Generation Means

Okay, so I myself would fall into the “millennials” category, and I have a teenage kid that would be considered “Generation Z”.

With what appears to be a shift in responsibility it is my duty to make sure that my son doesn’t go off into the world without the basic life skills that I was taught beginning when I was nearly 9 years old, and that he realize that not everything in life will just be handed to him by me or anyone else for that matter.

Somewhere down the line these new age kids appear to have lost a sense of what it’s like to have to go without things and just settle for what you get.

Who’s to blame for that? I guess that would be my generation huh? (Eye roll)

Oh and let’s not leave out the grandparents. They somewhere over the years developed this weak spot for their grandchildren and basically grant wishes like a genie in a bottle!

Where was that same energy when we were coming up!? LOL!

However, to our defense, we haven’t completely lost control. Some of us are raising our kids with the same discipline and reality checks we grew up with, and then, well some of us are not.

But for the ones of us that are, we make it our duty to make sure these kids know what we had, and didn’t have and how our struggle was VERY real.

Yet, we still want to make sure at the end of the day that we give them all the things that our parents never thought twice about getting us at their age. Why is that?

Is it that we are now more financially equipped to splurge on $200 shoes and $800 dollar phones, or is that we are just fulfilling the missing casualties that we lacked growing up?

We are so sick and twisted.

Just joking but either way whatever the case, I noticed that our kids are spoiled. Yeah, I said it. They are spoiled and I hope that somewhere in the mix of all these ridiculously expensive (soon to be an afterthought) things we go out of our way to provide for them, we are not forgetting to equip them with what “adulting” will actually mean for them.

I want to make sure that unlike my generation, “adulting” isn’t seen as this big daunting task that people cringe at the thought of doing, but more so see it as a part of life that brings about new opportunity and new experiences.

The moment when you go out into the world and learn who you are as a young woman or man and along the way you pick up all those little “life lessons” that will leave a trail.

As the next generation uses social media like a sponge…soaking up everything they see, let’s be mindful of the spin that we are putting on growing up, going to college, finding your career..and ultimately starting life.

It’s as though we are putting “adulting” in a category like the homework that they so dreadfully don’t want to do. With the attitude like, “I don’t really WANT to do this, but I HAVE to so I will.”

That is no way to get started in life as an official adult.

Instead, let’s shine a light on adulting that shows the side of it that is EPIC.

woman tossing her hat
Photo by Goutinho De Flávio GF on Pexels.com


The part where you will at some point realize exactly what your calling in life is and what your purpose includes. The part where you can go to a college and pick up a great skill that will give you the allowance to go after your dream careers…or if not college then you can build this amazing business and have the opportunity to become a very successful entrepreneur.

Or the part where you get to travel the world and see other cultures, meet some amazing new people.

Or what about the part where adulting can be where you meet this great person in life that God has finally decided to connect you with and you experience what real love feels like.

The part where you get married and build your own family and watch your children grow up to be who they want to be.

The part of adulting where you begin to see the growth in yourself for the better, when the wisdom that you have gained along the way starts to take effect.

Rather than make adulting this big scary thing, let us show them how awesome it can truly be IF they make it that way.

Yes, prepare them for the hard times, prepare them to be hard workers, prepare them to expect the unexpected… but let’s also show them the all the benefits they can reap from the hard work they put in.

So if you have a child, coming up in this whole “generation Z” era, right now while the world is more crazy than ever, understandably you want to protect them and always be there for them…but if you’re anything like me and you had to work hard at everything you’ve earned in life, then you know the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of pride, and the value of living a life knowing that YOU did something great on your own.

THAT is what adulting means, and THAT is what we need to show our babies.

So pray for them and send them out into the world equipped with a hard work ethic, respect for themselves and others, integrity…mix all of that with big dreams..and they will be sure to make you proud.

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee