What To Do When You Have a “Test”..But You Couldn’t Study

This post was long overdue… I mean LONG.  The thing is there is no real definitive way to describe how I personally feel when I am in a place of being overwhelmed with what I have been faced with.
We are going to always have to go through things in life that are unexpected and cause us to feel like we have lost control of our lives. So how do we prepare for the unexpected?
What we have to understand is that we are constantly being tested. We are constantly being faced with situations that literally feel like they have smacked us down and taken total control!
As women, I feel like we get the even shorter end because we feel as though we have to cover up the struggle, or cover up the hurt, we have to put on this face of being okay and always seem to have it together, when behind closed doors, we are feeling broken.
This post is for the woman that has to deal with things on her own. The woman that, despite the feelings in her heart, the tears she cries, the lack of what she needs…STILL chooses to get up and go on with life.  This is for you Queen.
But even though I know you put on your armor everyday, and do what you gotta do, I know that you are going through a lot, I know that you are handling everything and I know there is an unspoken feeling inside of you that says you have to keep it together by any means necessary,
Do you remember getting up for school in the morning? Getting up and anticipating having a good day? You feel prepared and you have all your materials together. You’ve been going with the flow of your schedule and you just feel like you got this. Then BAM! You get hit with this pop quiz. The pop quiz is focused on the learning material for the week ahead, but the teacher just wanted to ” see where you were at .”  He just wanted to see what level you were on to see how you need to be taught for the next lesson.
Well that’s the same thing with this thing called life. We get up each day and go through our regular routine, just living day to day, trying to maintain..then all of a sudden life decides to take a left turn, when you thought everything was going right. These are your pop quizzes. This is your “teacher” testing you to see where you are in life. The key to being successful is to always see the lesson you are being taught and take something from them so that when you are faced with this test again, you can better handle it.
So that when you feel like you’ve been backed against a wall, you will know how to escape.
Unfortunately, the world does not revolve around us, and how we would like for it to, so we never know when things will change.
When your frustration and stress get to a point where you have emotionally broken down, and you have no control over the things that seem to be popping up in your life, this is when you need to find your “study tool”.
What is it that will help you get through this test? Could it be a bible or a daily devotional? I can honestly say that when I nourish my soul with positive words of reassurance and affirmation, I feel better about being in whatever situation I have currently fallen into.
Could it be meditation? Sometimes a person needs to just stop for a moment and clear out all those thoughts that are cycling in their head. Finding a moment to yourself to just breathe and exhale everything is exactly what you need. Then you start over.
See, we can never just stop things from happening, but we can prepare our minds to deal with them. We can get through them and ultimately understand why they happened when then did.
I am no stranger to failure, manipulation, heartbreak, death, or any other ultimate let down. I  am not a stranger to struggle, lack of sleep, feelings of anxiety and fear of letting things fall apart at the drop of a dime. I have faced the unexpected and I know I have not seen the least of it. But what I do know is this, whatever test I must face next, I’ve got this.  You see, I have come to realize, what’s for me, is for me and what’s not is not. What hurts me, makes me stronger, and what makes me happy, blesses me.
We can try all we want to try and cover every aspect of our lives and think we have everything under control by way of how successful we are, what we have, who we know, what our status in society is, how much money we have..but the truth is at the core of everything, we are all human, and we are subject  to the unexpected. Things can be changed with the blink of an eye, and life as you know it  can be altered drastically. So what are you going to do?
What are you going to do, when you have no choice but to look in the face of the unexpected….nothing more than this… you’re going to keep living. Get through each day of your life as the person you were designed to be. You’re going to get through those tough days, and stride through the even tougher ones.
Then guess what…”pencils down class, this test is over.” Before you know it, you will have made it through and look… you survived!
Until next time,
Peace and Blessings
L. Anderson