Why You Can’t Stop The Changes of Life-And Should Just Embrace It.

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So per usual the season has shifted on us and where I’m from ( South Carolina) the climate is constantly changing.  It’s as though we can have all four seasons in one month…it’s craziness!

But even though the weather isn’t consistent in the changes it makes, we can all agree that we KNOW  in fact that it IS going to change. That’s apart of the four season cycle we go through..change.

There is nothing we can do about it either, nothing we can change about it, we just adapt to it right? We adjust to the climate. Some of us purge our closets and take out what is no longer “in season”and store it away until the cycle of seasons has made it’s way back to that particular phase. Some of us go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe, and then some of us do nothing. Some of us just stick it out with what we have or wait until we have no choice in the matter anymore and THEN we go out and get a new winter coat.

So when you think about how you expect the weather to change and adjust to it, that is the same mentality we should have in regards to life changes. Expect it and just do whatever you need to do to embrace it.

The thing is some people don’t handle change well. They are more comfortable when they are in a space where they know what to expect or don’t have to do much to accommodate something new.

For many reasons, I can understand that feeling, but I also have learned to just embrace all the changes that are coming my way and realize that there is nothing that is too much for me to handle, nothing that I wont be able to make sense of in the end, or nothing that I can’t find my way through.

We have to learn that some of the changes that are happening in our lives, even though they feel negative, they may just be what’s best for us.  You might not see the benefit now, but there is always a purpose.

So a new episode dropped on the PINK Tea Chronicles Podcast   today and it was about this very subject, embracing the change.

Changes in things like work and family life, or in your friendships even.  Sometimes what appears to be negative could be exactly what you need for your growth. If there is something sitting idle in your life that is not producing growth for you then likely the universe will eventually see fit for a change to happen with or without your cooperation and force you to adjust!

All things that you lose, are not actually a loss. All things that you have to quit, aren’t necessarily a disadvantage.  If you could some how see sudden change as a potentially positive thing, you will better process it.

The fact of the matter is that you as a person are hopefully changing for the better. You are working on great things and you have great blessings coming your way. So in order to be able to receive everything that is meant for you, it may require that you go through your own”seasons” of change.  You may need a new perspective on certain things in your life that you just are not acquiring on your own.  Certainly that’s not to say that this is your fault, but sometimes we are blind to things right in front of us and so we actually need that circumstance  or situation to happen that essentially forces us to change things in our lives.

I would refer to them as “blessings in disguise.”

So although some of these changes will be bittersweet, just know that you are probably in the midst of something seasonal and embracing it will just require that you  look at it as positively as you can, adjust where necessary, and wait for the outcome.

If you go into a new change with a negative mindset, then the experience will likely be negative no matter what the outcome turns out to be.

On the contrary, if you go into something new with the expectancy of an overall  positive purpose, no matter what it takes to get you through it, you will have a better handle on the process.

So the next time something begins to shift in the “closet” of your life, the most promising thing you can do in that season is to find the best “outfit for the occasion” and wear the hell out of it!

Until Next Time

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee

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