How I Just Noticed The Beauty of Nature. A Good Morning Message For You.

Good Morning! Hopefully you are reading this as you begin your day, but if not that’s okay the message still applies no matter what time of the day.  This message is to spread a small light from my little corner of the world in hopes that it reaches as many people as possible to make the largest impact it can.

It is with hopes that on this day that you are feeling good. Feeling good and starting out the day in the best spirits you possibly can.

For some us, this may not be the best time due to things that we have little to no control over but even with that being said, you’re still due your good day.

In fact, every day that you wake up should be good right?

The fact of the matter is that you still have to move forward with your day and your responsibility is to make the most of it while you can.

Grab your coffee, grab your tea, get your fruit or whatever your breakfast consists of and conquer this day.

For some of us, it may feel like it would have just been easier to stay in bed, buried under the warm covers in pjs and let the day pass by. ( Sounds amazing right) But then, where will you get your sense of accomplishment from? From binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix? Although that sounds tempting, and while I’m not against that on Friday nights, the mornings are made for your internal reset buttons.

You get to reset everything. The bad day you may have had yesterday, reset. The feeling you got when you came across a rude employee, reset. The so called “unintentional” yet shady comment from your co-worker, reset.  How you cried yourself to sleep last night, reset. Life’s stress overall…just reset.  Reset it all.

Start your day over and just think about how amazing life is despite, everything else that may be going on. Really take a moment to reflect on  what’s happening.  This morning, I was inspired to blog because of one of the most simple things ever. I saw the beauty of nature.  IMG_4179

I looked out into my back yard and I saw three shades of fall and it honestly took my breath away. It was the most peaceful thing I had looked at in a while and I was simply amazed at how just one day this tree was completely green and then the next I wake up to it filled with golden leaves. Then I noticed how the trees behind it were not the same. One was still green and the other was a burnt orange and brownish color.

It got me to thinking. In life we all want to be “golden”,we all want to be great in something but we have to understand that everything is a process. Others will move at a pace that is faster, and sometimes we feel like we aren’t moving at all. You can’t however, rush your process. Some of the best things you will attain in life will take time.  Your pace is your pace.  Don’t try to skip your process because you are trying to catch up to something or someone else because in doing so, you just may miss something.

Something that you needed for this process. Something significant to your growth.

So whatever it is going on in your life that may feel heavy, I encourage you to reset something else…reset your mentality and think about these trees.

While the other two tress in the background may not be at their “golden phase” yet, they are still noticed. They are still apart of the bigger picture and they are still standing. Those other two trees have to withstand the same things that the golden tree goes through. The same sun, the same wind, and the same storms, yet that golden tree made it to this phase and eventually… the others will too.

They just need a little more time in the process.

Have a good day today because your “golden phase” is coming too.

Until Next Time

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee