A Spiritual Minute: When You Need To Let It Go.

Letting it go…easier said than done.  This seems to be one of those topics that can just go on and on.

Letting go of a situation is never really easy, especially if it is one of those situations that we really wanted to be in.  Yes. Those relationships that we can’t seem to stop running back to or allowing to emotionally drain us by trying to figure out why it is not working out the way we want it to. Or perhaps it is a “situationship”  that you can’t seem to leave where you left it…which was in the past.

Here is the thing….I feel like even though we attach the hurt to it, we do tend to make our emotions worst by simply doing all the things that we know we should NOT do.

By “things” I mean, not cutting off the communication.  Still allowing that person to have access to you and your life.  How will you ever move on?  If you  start first by cutting communication off, this will allow you to have time to heal from it and have time to process the change.

Think about this…your past is your past for a reason.  Your ex is your ex for a reason. The job ended for a reason.  The friendship is over for a reason. Everything in life happens for a reason.  If you are struggling with letting something go that you know you need to, then you need to find out why that is.

What is holding you back?  Is it fear of loneliness? Is it lust?  Is it hope or wishful thinking? Is it control issues from either end?  You wanting to control that person or does that person have a control over you?  Regardless of what the reason is, there is something that has a hold on you and you need to pray for release.  Pray to God to release the shackles of this relationship and to touch you heart for healing.

God knows our hearts and He knows what we need.  He is the one that truly knows our hearts regardless of what type of exterior front we put up for anyone else.  So if He knows your heart and He knows your feelings then He knows what you truly want and what you need help with.

It is possible to wake up one day and feel nothing.  The pain will be gone and there will be reason to smile again.  The hold that this person has had over you will no longer be existent because you will have realized and truly felt that it was just time to let it go. For yourself.

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God takes the time to prepare us for something special.  I believe that we go through things in life as preparation for what He has been working on.  The key thing to remember is the timing.  Timing is everything and patience is a virtue.  You have to have patience with God and realize that everything He does and the timing of His work are for a reason.  So I say that instead of taking the loss as a total heartache or let down, use it as a lesson.   A lesson that was taught to you in order for you to gain something.  Something that you will need further down the line.  So always pay attention and take into consideration  that every relationship that you get into does not necessarily mean it is meant for you forever.  Even if you love that person, that’s okay too. We are human, we grow to love.  It still does not mean it was meant FOR YOU, but rather it was meant for you to learn something about yourself and about life that will one day be valuable wisdom you have gained.

So just remember that life takes us on different journeys with different people and different circumstances and we will be exposed to heartache and let down at some point, it’s inevitable.  But remember that God is also with you on that journey and when you seek Him out for help and truly have faith in that- remember that if He takes you to it, He will bring you through it.

Until next time…….
Peace and Blessings
La’Ray Renee