Thoughts of a Blog Queen: Bloom Whether They Water You Or Not.

Take it wholeheartedly when I say there’s enough sunshine in the sky to brighten you even when someone else throws shade…

You have to not only show other people, but also prove to yourself  that with or without their support you are still a growing flower and you will still bloom.

Don’t worry about the people that aren’t pouring into you, you have to put more of your focus on the ones that are. Those are the ones that are contributing to your process!

With all that you are trying to accomplish and be successful at, it just counts when you can see the people in your corner and know that they believe in you and have your back.

You see, along the way there will be tests of faith in yourself. These tests will sometimes come in the form of you questioning how much faith others have in you and while it’s a great feeling to have, it is not what is going to get you to your next level. You are going to do that all by yourself.

The amount of effort, time, hard work, and determination you apply to whatever it is that you wish to succeed, will determine the pace at which you grow.

The intensity of how bad you want it should be far greater that your awareness of who isn’t supporting you.

So sure you notice, especially when you expect it, but don’t let it be the measure of your success.

Just my thoughts….

A Blog Queen