February Guest Blogger Feature: Felicia Tucker

Felicia Tucker


Hi, my name is Felicia Tucker and I am a wife and mom of three. My world consists of fostering a healthy marriage and nurturing my children while integrating that into my career. It is never a dull moment!  I am learning how to enjoy the small moments, not sweat the small stuff and go to sleep with the toys strewn over the living room floor….



So doing a guest blogger feature is like having another blogger come into your “home” and get comfortable.  You won’t let just anyone into your space because it’s like your sanctuary right?

Your place of peace.

Same thing applies to us bloggers that are serious about our blog “homes”.

We take pride in who we connect and network with and who we allow to grace our spaces.

Here’s why I so happily felt that Felicia was a great fit to feature.

She is one of 4 female bloggers, who happen to be sisters and as a collective they have created a blog called The Ford Girls Blog which to me is the epitome of what women supporting women is.

Sharing PINK Promos. is a platform created to lift women up, support them, network and serve them in a variety of ways and finding other women that share their passion of blogging is one of the ways to succeed in that.

What I admire about these four women is that you have four different women that are connected by blood but also have four very unique personalities and together they have crafted a platform that allows them each to individually add value to it.

“As sisters we all grew up together under the same household but our parents always told us to follow our OWN dreams and reminded us that we are all uniquely created for a specific purpose. With that being said we all have different experiences and opinions about very familiar topics such as corporate America, education, fashion, parenting, politics, and the list goes on.”

Felicia, to me pulls out the image of a working mother and a loving and devoted wife- yet she hasn’t lost herself in those aspects of her life, rather she embraces them and uses them to fuel her passion for blogging.


Check out an excerpt from one of her own blogs:

“As parents we get the privilege of affirming our kids every day.  It’s no secret that in today’s society our youth are crippled by feelings of anxiety, fear and the inability to cope when faced with difficult situations.  In addition, many struggle with identity issues and feeling as if they don’t quite fit in. Well I believe that we can help shape and mold our kids by using affirmations rooted in truth. Those words are planting seeds that will benefit them for years to come.”

Read the rest here–>Affirmations For Kids: Rooted in Truth

Here are a few more pieces from her website written by her and also where she too, connected and featured other female bloggers.

Please take a moment to check out the website and read up on some of these amazing pieces!

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You can connect with Felicia on Instagram at @feliciatucker24

You may also follow The Ford Girls Blog on Instagram at @thefordgirlsblog


Thank you Felicia for your addition to the Sharing PINK Promos. Guest Blogger February 2020 edition and good luck in all your future endeavors!

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee