14 Days of Self Love Challenge/Day 1 “Put YOUR Self-Love on Top”

Ahh love is in the air…for many who celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant other it’s a time to get creative with your love for one another…bring out the romantic gestures and just really indulge in your relationship.

That’s great…but let us not forget to show ourselves just as much love.

Last year SPP did our first “Love in PINK Challenge” and for 14 days we focused on what it means to love ourselves…truly.

So why not make this an annual thing!

So for part two, the theme for Day One will be “LOVE ON TOP”…thanks Bey.

So as your challenge for day one I’m going to break this down two ways.

For my fellow bloggers who want to use this challenge as a way to blog daily for 14 days and then for my readers who just want to experience the challenge of self love.

So bloggers for your day one prompt, (be sure to play the Beyoncé -Love On Top song as you’re doing this) and write about what Self-Love on Top would mean to you.

What does putting self love on TOP over everything else look like for you?


Be creative, be honest, and most of all be willing to do exactly what it is you include in your blog.

For my beautiful and loyal followers of this blog, your day one challenge will be simple…

Tonight, before you end your night find the “Love on Top” song by Beyoncé and listen to it.

“You’re the only one I see…”

Play the song and really listen to the lyrics. When you listen to this song think of yourself…dedicate it to YOU! Really appreciate yourself for how much you do to make it through each and every day. How much you have been your own very best friend through the good, the bad…and the ugly.

Remember that no one’s got you like you do!

“You’re the one I love…you’re the one I need.”

“You’re the one that gives your all, you’re the one I can always call.”

“You’re the only one I see.”

It’s amazing how much this song can make you actually think of yourself. Let your mind go there!

That’s it! That’s all you have to do!

Embrace the lyrics to this and love on yourself tonight…you so deserve this!

So see you back here tomorrow for day TWO!!

Until next time…

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee