14 Days of Self Love Challenge/Day Four “

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Okay, so to keep the challenge going let’s talk about the importance of internal peace.

This is what keeps you going.  Your internal peace is like the blood that flows through your veins….you need it. It’s essential to your functioning life.

So with every good thing, there is a potential for something to come along in attempt to taint it.

You must protect your peace at all costs.

woman meditating in the outdoors
Photo by Oluremi Adebayo on Pexels.com

So for Day Four’s challenge, let us practice the art of protecting our peace.

How will you do this? In what ways can you show self-love that will allow you to accomplish this on a daily basis?

Think about one thing in your life that you know is taking away from your peace.

This can be anything.  Anything in your life that is stagnant, toxic, self destructing, or unnecessary..it’s time to let it go.

This may be a small thing, with a small adjustment, or it could be a big thing with major life adjustment.

Holding on to things that are no longer serving you is like filling a bucket with a whole in it.

It’s pointless.

Sometimes, making changes like this will take a process of elimination and you may have to start small first and then go big.

You can begin by removing things from your home or your personal space that you no longer need.  Start feeling the energy of letting go and gradually move into more monumental tasks.

Whatever it is, let’s start the process of removal.

Bloggers: You day four writing prompt is to tell your readers about peace of mind.

Tip: Make a top 5 list for ways to achieve mental peace. 

Happy Day Four!

Until Next Time Peace and Blessings!

La’Ray Renee