14 Days of Self Love Challenge/Day 5 “I SAID TO MYSELF…Self”

If you’re still following along with this challenge good for you.

Often times in the hussle and bussle of every day life we forget to take care of number one.

We so freely give love to others and forget thats must keep our own cups full in order to continue to pour into others

So with that being said, let’s dive quickly into day five.

So with day five, the rules are simple, but you must be open to the process.

You need to have a conversation with yourself.

“What do I need in my life?”

Hopefully that doesn’t sound crazy because it is in fact very nourishing to our need for self love. For this challenge you are to reflect on your life overall.

Where you currently are, where you want to go. How happy you are…or are not. What you need to fulfill your life or what you need to remove.

You are to reflect and tell your conscious self what you are still in need of.

Be honest with yourself about this. Be very clear and intentional about identifying the major elements of your life that are still missing and what you intend to do to attain them.

Speak these things into existence. Do this daily if you find solace in the exercise.

You are the keeper of your life and all things necessary for genuine happiness are controlled by you.

So go ahead and have that self talk.

Bloggers: Your day five prompt is to give your audience your perspective on self care, self worth, and self love.

Happy Day Five!

Until Next Time

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee