14 Days of Self Love ChallengeDay 6/ Six Social Media Soulmates-“Who are you following?”

Yes…Day 6 is late. (So I’m not actually as perfect as I thought)

Okay so to keep things moving along let’s dive right in day 6 of the challenge so we can scoot on to Day 7!!

A major part of our society today is social media.

We spend hours upon hours of scrolling and scrolling…liking and commenting and saving hundreds of those screenshots that read those really meaningful memes that we just know one day we are going to need to either send to someone or #repost.

So it made me wonder how much of what we are following on a daily basis is actually positive reinforcement.

“This makes me smile.”

How much of what we are exposing our mental to is something of value? Something that we can look at regularly and gain meaningful gems from.

Are you spending more time “liking” gossip and glamour or knowledge and positivity?

So here’s your day 6 challenge:

Go through your most used social media platform and remove six accounts from your following that are not serving you, and then search the hashtag #positiveenergy or #positiveminds or #positivevibesonly and follow that hashtag.

Then find six new social media soulmates.

Why am I calling them soulmates? Aside from it being catchy…these are the accounts you will stumble upon and actually be drawn to by the content you see. Kinda like the way we are drawn to our real life soulmates.

Expose yourself to new vibes.

Sometimes change is needed.

Happy Day Six!

Bloggers: Your day 6 blog prompt is to give your audience a genuinely positive 3 minute read. Include a link to an article that supports your message.

Until Next Time

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee