14 Days of Self Love Challenge/Day 7 “Out with the bad, in with some good.”

We are halfway through!

Hopefully at this point you have had time to truly embrace this challenge and gain some perspective on what you need to improve your levels of self love.

Which brings us to today’s challenge. This will be a task that will be ongoing and will require you to be consistent.

Previously we challenged ourselves to remove some social media pages from our feeds that weren’t really providing us with anything of value and replace them with 6 new ones that we found to be full of positive vibes.

Now we are going to try replacing old bad habits with new ones!

What new hobbies or interests can you start to practice?

Your challenge is to try your best to begin to slowly but surely pull away from a bad habit you have and actively try your hand and starting something new to take your mind off of it.

This could be a new hobby, new course, new exercise routine, new eating habit, or even new interest groups.

Start by trying it for one day and gradually increasing the consistency.

Self love is about doing what’s BEST for you and sometimes that requires work. So go ahead, out with the old..in with some good!

Happy Day Seven!

Bloggers: Your writing prompt is to provide your readers with a list of 20 new ideas a person looking for a new hobby could use.

Until Next Time

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee