14 Days of Self Love Challenge/Day 9 “Be FULL of self love…inside and out.”

So day nine of this challenge will probably be best if you start it tomorrow, beginning your day.

This is because the challenge which may or may not be hard for you is the challenge of ONLY eating and drinking things that are good and healthy for you.

In a Netflix and Hulu kind of world…we are a society that loves to binge watch TV…and eat snacks!

We love to consume the junkiest of junk foods and we don’t feel bad about it!

However, self love is not only caring for your mental and emotional state but it’s taking care of the well being of your physical body too because hey..we only get one.

What you make the choice to put into your body can have a major impact on how your day goes.

You can be sluggish and tired….or you can be vibrant and energetic, and a lot of that can come from what you’re choosing to eat.

So for your day nine challenge, you must go the entire day with only eating healthy snacks and drinking nothing but water.

Indulge in your favorite fruits and veggies and leave the chips and candy at home.

Your lunch needs to be something good for you and the dinner that you prep should be just as good.

Take note of how you feel during this challenge and let’s try our best to incorporate these healthy days at least once or twice a week for starters!

Happy Day Nine!

Bloggers: Your day nine writing prompt is to give your readers a post that promotes physical health in some way or form. This can be about fitness, diets, yoga etc. as long as it has to do with being physically healthy. Get creative with this!

Until Next Time

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee