14 Days of Self Love Challenge/ Day Eight “Make ROOM for love.”

It’s day eight and we are still on the move. Implementing even the smallest of tasks that are beneficial to ourselves only is a great way to amplify the volume of our own self love.

Making time for yourself, putting the focus on you and your own environment is sometimes necessary when we have been caught up in focusing on our work lives, our families and other everyday factors.

So for day eight we are going to focus on our personal spaces.

If you have your own apartment or home and you live alone this task may be be easier to adjust to, but even if you don’t this is still very workable.

The challenge at hand is to move and rearrange your personal space. This could be your favorite room in the home-such as the living room, your own bedroom, your office space, studio etc.

Changing and moving the room around is one of the most refreshing feelings when it’s complete. You can literally feel the new energy in the room.

Moving your bedroom around is the best place to take on this challenge.

Changing the setup and scenery in a space is a way to move out old energy that may have been daunting and allows a flow of fresh new energies to pass through.

If changing the room around isn’t actually something that is possible for you to do then try cleaning out some clutter.

Get rid of old things in a closet, a junk drawer, an attic, garage, or basement. Preferably eliminate clutter in a space that you frequent often because this will allow you to feel the satisfaction of your task completed.

So go ahead…make ROOM for self love!

Happy Day Eight!

Bloggers: Your writing prompt is to give your readers a list of eight beneficial ways to spend time alone. What could they do on their alone time that will promote their own self love.

See you in Day 9!

Until next time..

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee