Read This If You Have Thoughts of Quitting Your Job!

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At some point or another the thought of simply risking it all and  really giving that “Sheila” or that  “John” at  work  a piece of your mind seems like it’s literally the only thing left to do at this point…right?

You get swamped with what seems like never ending tasks that are piling up by the hour and a strong overwhelming feeling as if you are drowning seems to surround you.

In that moment you begin to imagine all the worst case scenarios of what quitting your job and saying to hell with this would be like.

Are you really fulfilled by your employment?

If you find that you are constantly having those moments at work where you are questioning your whole ability and motivation to keep doing your on.

The irony of this dilemma is that on paper you really don’t have a “bad job” (whatever that looks like to you).

You have full benefits, a decent salary, bonus structure, weekends off, and a very good work ethic..your boss actually loves you in fact.

So why is it that there still seems to be this unfulfilling, headache inducing, “can’t wait until 5 o’ clock” mood that is often surrounding you and hovering over you like a grey cloud?

Likely it’s because what you are doing is not aligned with what your life’s purpose is and it’s not fulfilling you in a way brings you internal happiness or truly sparks your passion.

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So apart of the whole “adulting” thing is to truly discover what your place on this Earth was meant to occupy and the fascinating thing about this is that we all have a purpose and likely your purpose will be something you are passionate about doing.

Meaning that no matter what, you will always have a strong sense of enjoyment in what you are doing. You live literally you are constantly thinking about what ever this “thing” is and you are excited about what the future of it could hold for you.

Now don’t get me wrong, some people are actually lucky enough to have this feeling when it comes to their jobs, they truly love what they do and that’s a great thing. However, some of us are daydreaming of the moment when we can actually shift our lives into our purpose, make a business of it full time and do this with no worries…and without looking back!

While you can be great at working for someone else’s dream company, you could also be amazing at doing something that you are more aligned with your purpose to do and honestly more excited about.

I believe that there is so much more to us as individuals that we owe it to ourselves to discover what that is.

Again, it’s not to say that what you do for a living isn’t good, but have you truly taken periods in your life where you thought about what else life could have in store for you if you simply step out there to pursue it?

The truth of the matter is if you are living a life doing all the mundane and routine things that are considered safe or in your “comfort zone”, you are doing yourself and possibly the world a disservice by not stepping out of the box and finding your “thing”.

While it can be easy to feel under pressure to “find your purpose” one important thing is to remember that is doesn’t have to feel like such a daunting, serious make or break, end all be all task. It can in fact be a fun, unexpectedly fulfilling journey that will potentially take you on a roller coaster of moods and emotions but will allow you to discover what brings you joy, what sparks your passion, and what you were created to do!

Working for someone else has always been the safety net we depended on to make a living, pay the bills..and let’s face it…to SURVIVE and so we can easily get caught up in the cycle of updating a resume, interviewing for a job, landing it, and then serving years of our life there until we decide it’s time to move on and then we are back at the beginning of this cycle, often leaving out the part in life where we think about our own wants and needs that are going to give us peace of mind and happiness with a sense of self built accomplishment.

So though I’m not telling you to go in on Monday and just quit your only means of income and security, I am encouraging you to start,( if you haven’t already ) to find a space in life that you can call YOURS. A space that will that give you happiness, reason, and purpose..and the money that you could make doing it is just the BONUS!

So to help you out and get your mind stirring about what exactly your “thing” is, here is a list of 4 key things to ask yourself when it comes to “finding your purpose”…

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Am I okay with having bad days?

Although you can be passionate about something and really have a strong desire to build something big with it, remember that with anything worth value there will come periods where you will feel overwhelmed, tired, and frankly just over it! You may think at any given moment,”what did I get myself into?” but you will always come back to it more empowered than ever. Sometimes it takes stepping away  for a moment to get your mojo and your focus back.

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How am I benefiting other people?

When it comes to figuring out your life and the plan that best fits it,your purpose should be something that not only will benefit and make you happy, but it will somehow allow you to connect and/or serve other people. In our human lives we are created to connect with and interact with others and even if what you desire to do only requires you to do it at home in your pjs with your laptop, or selling something handmade that you are amazing at creating, you are still doing something that you can share with other people.

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Is this worth my time?

This is an important one. Not only do you have to sacrifice your mood some days, you also have to be willing and ready to invest your time. We would like to believe that at some point what we are doing is going to take off and be successful right? So with that comes a lot of exchanges of your time and likely your resources..meaning you will have to dig deep into that purse sometimes. So you want to make sure that it’s worth the investment.  Don’t just do something because you see a lot of people on social media doing it. Do YOUR thing because you’re passionate about it, you want to see yourself be successful at it, and because if you made nothing more from it other than a sense of goal smashing and self achievement, you can be good with that feeling.

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What is my end goal?

So what is the end goal? Are you looking to create something to bring in extra money? Are you trying to be the next “big thing” in acting or another big industry ? Do you look forward to passing this investment down to your children? Are you dreaming of a chain of establishments? What do you have to look forward to? What is it that is going to keep you going and motivate you to push through those failures, push you to step out on faith, and OH yeah a good one to serve the point of this blog..what’s going to allow you to one day be able to comfortably let go of that 9-5 and be the keeper of your own books, the boss of your own business, and the one to manifest all of your dreams.

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Hopefully this has sparked something in you or at the very least gave you something to think about and you will begin to look forward to what life can offer you and more importantly what you can offer to life.

Remember that your life can look like and be what you make it and all it takes is you adding in all the right ingredients to make it just right for you!

Until Next Time,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee