Blog Review: DNH Organic Hair Care

My natural hair’s new best friend…

Okay, so I just want to set the record straight on this review. I was NOT asked to review these products, in fact I reached out to the owner and told her myself, “girl I’m reviewing your stuff!”

So anyone that is natural knows the struggle of finding the perfect products for our hair. When they call it a “journey” I now see why!

For myself I am now about 3 years post relaxer and I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair from the beginning. For me, my hair can get severely dry and brittle if I don’t keep it moisturized daily and find super enriching and moisturizing products.

So fast forward to the guest of honor for this review…DNH Organic Hair Care LLC.


So this company has plant based, organic products and recently they had an amazing  BLOW OUT sale promotion so I decided to support the brand and grab the complete system.

Am I ever glad I did…..

So the following products are what I have, and my thoughts on each:

PH Balanced Moisturizing Shampoo 16 fl. oz 

So the smell of this is sweet, yet fresh. Initially, I had poured about a quarter sized amount and I didn’t really see the lather ( even though you don’t necessarily need a lather for a good cleanse) I definitely wasn’t feeling like the product was working through my hair enough so I rinsed and did a second wash, this time adding a more generous amount to my very thick hair and then immediately saw the difference. The second wash was enough and upon completion I could feel the “squeaky clean” feeling.

PH Balanced Moisturizing Conditioner 16 fl.oz

Okay so conditioning is always my favorite step of the wash day process because this is the step my hair needs the most. The consistency is very creamy and the smell I got was similar to the shampoo, except I picked up an extra “planty”or herbal scent somewhere in the mix. Still a very fresh smell that I don’t mind my hair smelling like on a regular basis. The instructions say to leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse, but for me personally I left it on much longer than that because the state of my hair as you will see down below was very untamed and dry. So once I finally washed the conditioner out, my hair felt much lighter than prior to applying the conditioner.

Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner 2 fl.oz

Okay so the third step was to add in the leave in. Very important step for me as well. This product came in a small glass spray bottle. The consistency to me was somewhat a “milky” formula that came out in pretty good sprays. For me, I would definitely run through this product quicker than the others because I am always very heavy on the leave in and sometimes I like to just do a water rinse followed by a leave in. The smell of this very similar to the conditioner, although they all have a very similar undertone for the nose to identify them as a whole system.

ReNew Organic Finishing Oil

So I applied a little of this oil in my hair while it was still wet, and then I proceeded to blow dry my hair out and added some more in for a final run through of the dryer.  Now this product, also in a small glass spray bottle has a light weight oil consistency and the smell of this I picked up more of a citrus scent. Not too strong, and when you spray it, it comes out in quick even pumps.

High Shine Glossifier

So once I was done with the blow dry and sectioned off my hair to do, the flat ironing. I sprayed this on in completion. To me this has a more earthy scent then the previous product and this is definitely what I’m still smelling in my hair days later as I write this review. The consistency in my opinion is like a lighter based oil. Lighter than the finishing oil and definitely gave my hair a finishing gloss.

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So there you have it! Overall I believe that these products are of good quality and definitely left my hair more tamed and more manageable. I saw the difference in this system in comparison to a few others I have tried that are store bought. Aside from my ends that definitely need a good trim, the finishing product was a confident thumbs up!

I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try something new for their hair and who is also wanting to support a Black Owned Business.

If you are interested in learning more about the products you can head over to the website DNH Organic Hair Care LLC or head over to their IG page @dnh_organic_hair_care and check them out! 

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Until Next Time Lovelies!

Peace and Blessing!

La’Ray Renee