How To Own Your Sh*t: Editor’s Birthday Edition

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So no..I’m not a cover girl but I feel AH-mazing. I feel amazing for several reasons and the wine that I enjoyed this evening had nothing to do with that. ( winks)

So as I bring my official birthday to an end, I decided that I should commence the start of a new month with a special blog post that I want to dedicate to every single woman reading this right now.  I want to acknowledge how awesome you must be to take your time out to read my words but I hope that as you read them you receive some of the positive energy that I’m pouring into this post.

Owning Your ‘Ish

I want to talk about “owning your sh*t” … and by owning it I mean you really OWN it.

So what does that mean? It will mean something different to every one of you reading this right now because we are all on these different walks right? We all have to maneuver through life differently and at different costs but we all have the capability of doing what we desire to do, by simply adopting this fearless and fabulous attitude that says “I can do anything!”

When a woman is confidently “owning it” she is unstoppable.

She is graceful. She is saavy. She is unique. She embodies everything she sets her mind to and she is a force to be reckoned with.

Ladies this is your reminder to do YOU! We have so much power and so much influence just brewing inside of us and we can literally do anything we set our minds to.

What ever you need to do for you to feel confident enough to say to yourself daily and affirm that you are in fact owning that, for the power of the mind and the tongue is incredible!

 A Time of Reflection

Each year for my birthday I try to take the time to reflect on what I endured through out the year and I think of how far I have come. I think about my goals and dreams and how  many of them I have actually accomplished. I reflect back on relationships with people and I think of how they may have changed. I try to take this time of reflection and use it to my advantage. What did I do ( or not do ) differently the prior year? Was it something of significance? Did it change my life for the better in any way? Make it worse?

Do I see my life where I thought it would be at this age? Why or why not? This session of reflection should cause you to do one of two things: either show you want you need to add value to your life, or show you what’s taking away from it.

Really try your best to get in touch with yourself and your life and write down what you see as the next milestone. Then set your intention every single day you wake up to go after whatever that may be.

As we all can see by now life is clearly passing us by whether we are ready for it or not and absolutely nothing is promised so we have to essentially go out there and grab exactly what it is that we desire and we have to do that with a full armor of confidence.

Finding Your Therapy

As you embark on this journey you will most certainly need to make sure that your self care practice is like a ritual. Among all the changes and ups and downs, disappointments and dilemmas you may find yourself mentally burnt out. This is because you are going so hard for yourself often at 100 mph that you may forget how necessary it is that you disconnect from the journey and get back to you.

This is where your therapy comes in.And even though I’m all for the traditional style of one on one sessions with an actual therapist, that may not be everyone’s “thing”.

So you must find YOUR therapy. What do you need? What is your soul longing for in this very moment? Is it yoga and/or meditation? Is it working out? Could it be a form of peaceful art? Or is it a period of solitude?

Whatever therapy looks like for you I encourage you to take full advantage of it. As women we are constantly on the go, constantly seeking out our purpose in life and working hard as hell to make sure we are walking in it.  The very core of our souls is designed to make things “good” in life and it is with my very own passion that I continue to make sure that I encourage women all over the world to do this very thing.

To encourage you to “share your passion with the world” and do it with love.

Until Next Time My Lovelies,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee