Thoughts of a Blog Queen Advice: Am I Overreacting?

I work in a very well known banking institute and I have been for the past 6 years.  I have never felt as though I was treated any differently until recently.  A position became available and it was a position that would be more convenient for the part time hours that I would prefer due to my family life. The company announced that they would hire from within and that anyone was welcome to apply. I took the opportunity as well as another female that works the same position and shift as I do. The difference is she has only been with us for 2 years.  She got the job I did not. I decided to ask my Supervisor respectfully why she was chosen over me and she stated that one of the deciding factors was her availability and her willingness to work later hours. I have been employed longer and have never been late. My customer service scores are always above average. I feel as though due to the fact that I have children and can’t stay late work hours for them when they ask is the real reason why they decided over me but I don’t think that’s fair. Am I overreacting?

K.S. Blair

Jacksonville, FL

Hello My Florida Lovely!

Thank you so much for sending in your email! Let me start by saying that I can understand why you would initially feel as though you were unfairly denied the position based upon your seniority and great customer service experience, however before you go any further with your thoughts I ask you to consider all the factors that may be considered.

Though your co-worker may not have been there as long as you, does that mean she is not as qualified? Could she not have exceptional customer service scores as well?  Though seniority is definitely an important factor when hiring from within you also have to look at the company’s point of view. They have two women that are in the same position and one has an open availability the other does not. It sounds as though they may have considered you but had to ultimately decide what would be best for the company.

You and your co-worker may have been neck and neck when it came to choosing but if you have limitations how will you benefit them? It seems like they need a more open schedule in this role.

I wouldn’t take this too personally. After all a big name company will do what is best for them right? Remember even though there are great companies out there, we can always be replaced. I would say that for this particular situation you may have to just let this one go. I would also take into consideration that it’s also another woman, and you didn’t mention anything about race so I don’t hear there to be any discrimination from your perspective. It seems as though this really may just be a case of who would fit the role better.

I also would like to ask you, how happy are you in your current role? Are you ready for more responsibility or change? Are you content with the company? It seems as though you are a good employee and you my be looking for more responsibility.  Being at a job for 6 years would definitely make a person want to move forward, so it may be time for you to look at your options and what’s next for you. You  could be getting that “itch” where anything may rub you the wrong way if you are ready to move on.

Of course these are just observations from the little information you gave in the email. If you are happy in your space then that’s great…but if you’re not, maybe it’s time to start exploring other options. Just make sure you dot all your I’s and cross all your T’s first!

I hope this was helpful!

Blog Queen


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