31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/ Day 3: Manifesting Your Sisterhood

If you have heard the saying that “you get back the energy you receive” or even “birds of a feather flock together” then let us chat briefly about our Day 3 manifestation..manifesting your sisterhood.

While it is very common in this day and age for many women to feel that they are better off just riding solo, let us not underestimate the power of an amazing sister circle.

And honestly the definition of that will look different for some.

You circle could be social or professional. You could have a good group of girlfriends that have a long running history of just you having a great time together. Or you could have a circle that your turn to that will support you professionally, to cheer you on while you’re out here chasing your dreams.

Either way let’s talk about the characteristics of this sisterhood…

So when it comes to your professional circle, your business besties should be a tight knit group. I say this because I personally believe that when it comes to talking business and sharing ideas and getting feedback, you should keep that to a limited number of individuals.

This group of women whether they are directly connected to each other or not, should be supportive and cheer you on. They should WANT to promote the things you’re doing, they should look forward to hearing your ideas and offering encouragement and constructive feedback.

Your business sisterhood should be women that are like minded and are themselves working towards big goals. This vibe should never feel like a competition, but more like a collaboration.

Now when it comes to your “sistahs” your social sisterhood, these ladies too should support you. They should be loyal and honest and always have your back regardless of whether that means telling you that you are right or wrong.

This group should make you smile. They should make you laugh. They should uplift you in your darkest hours and understand when you need time alone. And again the energy they surround you with should never feel like competition here either.

Do an honest observation of your current sisterhood. Is there anything missing or something you wish you had more of?

So as we talk about manifesting our sisterhood remember that in order to obtain the things we want we have to be willing to put that same energy out into the universe. For everthing you want your girls to be…be that for your girls.

Remember that we tend to attract the type of vibes that we put out there, so let’s be certain that we are consciously trying to be the best version of ourselves as we can.

Another important thing to remember is that you understand that at certain times in your life you may outgrow the very circle you relied on and that is always for a reason. You may have to take seasons apart and the purpose for this may either be very apparent or you could honestly be oblivious to the change initially. It could just happen over time.

Be okay with the flow of what’s taking place because it could be for your own good.

Developing your sisterhood may take some time and surprisingly could be formed with individuals you never even knew!

The social media bound sisterhoods that are out there are really beautiful things because you gain this connection to someone that you literally may have never even met a day in your life in person, but you somehow just work.

So for our day 3 manifesting affirmation let’s use this:

I attract wonderful positive people in my world, and all of my relationships are harmonious and supportive.

Women supporting women is an amazing thing and we have to stick together.

If anyone would understand your feelings and your emotions it is that of another woman. We could use that as an advantage to develop and maintain some of the greatest bonds we will ever experience.

It may also be true that you are very happy with the sisterhood you currently have and you don’t have a need to manifest a new one, and that’s great!

So if that is the case just make sure you are doing the necessary check ins and maintenance needed to hold on to your connections and don’t forget about your “strong friends” …they need support to.

So here’s to the beginning ( or long time running) of a beautiful sisterhood!

Until next time my lovelies,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee


I had the pleasure of being a guest on “Confessions from a Red Couch” and the host and I Janae talked about this very thing…what does Sisterhood actually look like.

Check out the conversation below on YouTube…