31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 4:Getting your Mani-Fitness on.

So one might say that you can’t really manifest fitness in your life you just have to get off the couch and do it right?

Well I beg to differ. You can manifest a healthier lifestyle for yourself, working out is just an element of the physical part.

Manifesting a healthier lifestyle overall will take the mental strength and discipline needed to maintain and take it seriously.

The power of manifesting is all about the mind and believing what you want shall be done. To heal your body and live a healthy life you must heal your mind first of any doubt, self hate, and negative ideas of what you can’t achieve.

This is why I wanted to be clear about the difference in setting “new year resolutions” and “new year manifestations.”

Resolutions can easily be thought about or jotted down in a planner and become failed attempts because they are simply a list of things you hope you can accomplish for the new year that you likely didn’t achieve the year before; while manifesting is a practice that is centered around your mind and your energy.

Manifesting the things you want in your life can literally come to pass if you positively believe they are already done.

So as I mentioned it starts with healing the mind of any thoughts of what you hate about yourself and how you look and starting by loving who you are…JUST as you are.

Get out of the habit of focusing on what you haven’t done or the weight you haven’t lost. Start focusing on why your body is on the way to a more healthier state and how much you love the journey.

This may take some re-conditioning because bad habits are often hard to break but daily practice is the key to manifesting your desires.

Once you have become more accustomed to thinking positively about yourself, begin to think of more clear and specific ideas of what you want.

How often do you think about your physical goals as already being accomplished vs. what you wish them to be?

What are your actual goals? What do you need? Think about these things daily and focus on the outcome.

Never mix these thoughts with how hard it may be, how much it might hurt, or how tired it makes you feel.

So for this day, I have two manifestation affirmations I want to share:

I am healthy, whole and complete.

My wellness is increasing everyday and I feel good.

The journey to manifesting a healthier life can be fun and something that you look forward to every single day if you make it that way.

Even though you must be disciplined, don’t look at it as hard work…look at it as a journey that you can’t wait to see the results of.

More importantly remember that manifesting a healthier lifestyle also takes the power to know when to just calm down and take it easy. Over doing it and over working yourself could cause you to look at the process as daunting and stressful and there’s no room for that in manifesting.

Remember that to love and take care of yourself first is not selfish..it’s self care.

Here’s to a new year of a beautiful and healthier lifestyle.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee