31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 7: Manifesting Love

So while we made sure to account for manifesting being in happy in our singleness ( check out Day 6 here Day 6: Happiness in Your Singleness ) it’s only the right we discuss manifesting the love we deserve too.

Love is one of the most powerful feelings that two people could ever share with one another and once you have found the real thing you are blessed.

But it’s important to understand that we must be aware of the type of people we are attracting into our lives and also make sure that we understand that when we seek to manifest something such as love into our lives, we are to be specific about not only want we want, but what we need.

Manifesting love should come with a clear heart and mind and a focus on the type of person that you want to share a significant part of your life, such as a serious relationship with.

You should be clear on the intentions that both you and this person will have.

The love and relationship that you desire to manifest is very important and one key thing to remember is that the energy you are hoping to manifest in this person, is the same energy you are exuding into the world.

If you want this person to be kind and loyal, are you those things?

Do you desire a partner that is giving? Are you…??

Whatever internal qualities that you seek to find in a person should be a reflection of what you can give as well.

What internal qualities are most important to you in a partner and do you identify with them yourself?

Meeting someone that you could potentially spend your life with could happen at any moment..even unexpectedly if you will, and so a key thing to ask yourself is that when he/she arrives…will I be ready?

Will you be ready for what you are asking for? And by “ready” I don’t mean that you look flawless and not a hair is out of place…I mean will you be ready internally?

It’s one thing to say you want a serious relationship because you’re tired of being alone, but when it comes to seriously investing your time and energy and taking that of someone else, are you equipped for this journey?

When you are ready to manifest the love you want into your life, have you let go of the control issues you may have?

In other words, are you open to the possibility that it may OR may not look like what you expected? Are you open to the idea that your higher power is sending you exactly what you need?

Have you prepared your life for the process of intertwining with another individual? And that doesn’t by any means mean you let go of who you are, but are you ready to share who you are with another person on different intimate levels?

Are you positively open to this? Have you let go and consciously made an effort to heal of all things that hurt you in the past in order to see the good in someone that didnt have anything to do with that hurt?

Manifesting love can be a beautiful journey and when it makes it’s appearance in your life, THAT is a journey all it’s own.

So to prepare yourself for this experience here are the manifestation affirmations for love:

I am open to a healthy and loving relationship that is just right for me.

My heart is open and prepared to receive love.

I am attracting a real connection in my life and love is awaiting me.

To find, pursue, maintain and elevate love is an amazing, sometimes beautiful mess of a roller coaster worth going on…just make sure you prepared for the ride.

Until next time my lovelies,

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee