31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/ Day 12: Manifesting Your Power

A woman’s power…an internal tool that could get her through the toughest of battles and to the highest of levels.

So I easily added manifesting your power to our 31 day journey. This is because there is so much our internal power could create for us and our lives, it’s just a matter of disciplining yourself to call on it daily and speak life into this energy.

Manifesting your power can give you many things…clarity, confidence, strength, courage, boldness, abundance, belief and so much more!

When you take the time to focus on and work to manifest this, you are essentially manifesting a spirit within yourself to go after and accomplish anything you put your mind to.

You can also be equipped with the possibility of changing certain circumstances in your life if you see fit.

Manifesting your internal power requires you to be very intentional and most importantly fearless!

When you are able to recognize that you are your only competition, you will be able to create this power from within that pushes you to go harder and be even more determined than before because it will be only you that can cause you to quit!

Your internal power is an abundance of energy stored within you that is just waiting to be called upon for the right time and the right place, to bring about the necessary results.

As a woman, I have had many different seasons and circumstances in my life where I had to get my thoughts together and pull out this internal power to get me through. But if we can remember to always stay positive during even the toughest of times I think we begin to build this “storage” of power that prepares us mentally for even the unknown.

Manifesting your power could mean that you need to be your fiercest self!

You may need to manifest a feminine power that is going to take you to new levels in your career, your relationships, or just life in general.

Here are a few manifestation affirmations for your internal power:

All of my thoughts are positive and empowering.

My possibilities are endless.

My actions create powerful and positive changes in my life.

I’m allowed to take up space and walk in my power.

One last thing to remember about manifesting your power is that attitude is important!

The attitude that you carry with you day to day has a direct effect on anything you attempt to manifest in your life so make sure that you are positive in your thinking and intense YET grateful in your attitude.

Walking in your power and your purpose is no easy job…but who better to do it than you?

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee