31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/ Day 14 : A Prosperous New Year

The definition of prosperous according to Oxford Languages is successful in material terms; flourishing financially; bringing wealth and success.

So as our next manifestation day let us discover some encouraging words of affirming prosperity in your next year.

The beginning of a new year, a time where many people look forward to positive changes, possibly starting over in some areas of their life, or beginning a brand new journey.

Whatever the perspective, manifesting a prosperous new year covers a lot of what we covered on Day 10: Manifest Success but when we consider manifesting prosperity for the foundation of a new and overall successful year, there has to be a deeper level of thinking.

More long term. There needs to be a consistent and overall a more impactful choice of positive thinking and decision making.

As you strive to manifest a prosperous year you should be making the choices that will only influence you to do greater and live in a greater abundance of success.

What everyday changes can you make in your current lifestyle that will promote and influence a more prosperous lifestyle?

One major focus you should have and be aware of at all times is your environment. Positive thinking and affirmations will likely not flourish if you continue to plant yourself in an unsuccessful or counterproductive environment.

So make the choice to always take a conscious evaluation of where you’re spending the most time. Make sure that you practice your affirmations not only on a daily basis but also in spaces in your life that promote positivity, which should and most of all be your home.

Your home should be a sanctuary for positive energy. Your perspective on a new and prosperous year should be fueled by (but not limited to) every moment you spend in your sacred place because this where many of us spend the most time.

Mindset is everything and is often the catalyst for actually manifesting anything we so desire. So think about how your way of thinking about certain things could be potentially creating a barrier to your greater, and work purposefully to diminish those ideas.

So to close out, here are the manifestation affirmations to use for a more prosperous new year….

I always have what I need and what I desire. The universe always provides.

My life is overflowing with an abundance of success.

Things are working out for me in all areas of my life.

Prosperity comes to me freely.

Always remember that everyone’s definition of what manifesting and living in a prosperous new year will look and feel different and recognizing all of the things that you can be prosperous in aside from financial gain is just as important.

All the things that money can’t buy are the things that we should strive to be rich in, for these are your most valuable possessions.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee