31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 16: Protection from Negativity

As we move forward into the new year we have already witnessed so much negative energy and to be honest I don’t think we have seen the last of it.

So as we continue to speak life into the things we desire such as success and love I encourage you to always manifest your protection from the negativity as well.

Each day of your life that you wake up you have no idea what lies ahead and so starting your day with affirmations of protection and positive coverage is something you can never do too much of.

Your willingness to go through the hardships or whatever life throws at you while still speaking positively no matter what is a sign of not only strength but it shows your level of thinking and what your mental capacity for survival through tough times really is.

How do you stay motivated to continue through life’s challenges? When is the last time you isolated yourself in order to gain your clarity back when you seem to lose your motivation?

Do you ever find it necessary to isolate yourself from time to time?

If not here are a few reasons why maybe you should…

The occasional isolation period allows us to detox from everything we are exposed to on a daily basis. Isolation allows the mind to cleanse and refocus on what we need as individuals rather than what we must do to serve others.

Going into an isolation mode allows you the space to meditate and reflect on things that outside sources may have clouded your judgment on. You are able to affirm to yourself and the universe that you are protected from negative influences over your life.

Manifesting your protection from anything designed to break you down is something that is completely necessary and can be considered an element of your self care needs.

So to include in your daily care here are a few manifestation affirmations for protection:

I am protected from negativity at all times.

I am strong willed and have the ability to overcome anything that challenges me.

I am grateful for the protection over my life.

Nothing can break me down. My mind is my strongest weapon.

Negative vibes are not welcome in my life.

I experience protection from negativity daily.

Incorporate these affirmations as often as you can think of them and say them out loud and continue to show gratitude to the universe for how far you have come at this point in your life.

So as you conclude in reading this entry consider this…when we begin to realize that a lot of what affects our lives is due to the negative energy we allow in, I think we can begin to craft more positive ways of living our lives, by being more aware of what needs to be removed.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee