31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year/Day 17: Cultivating Your Dream Lifestyle

As we move forward in the count of our 31 Days of Manifestations for the New Year, you should have a pretty clear understanding of the basic principles of manifesting the things you desire to have in your life. It’s all about controlling your thoughts to focus on that of positivity, gratitude and completion.

On this day let’s focus on manifesting the lifestyle we are ready to receive. Overall everyone will have different ideas of what their “dream lifestyle” is but we can certainly agree that we all want to be happy and we all want to live comfortably.

Manifesting a dream lifestyle for myself would be that of internal awareness, no financial burdens, a successful business, a fulfilling marriage, health and happiness, and success for my family.

What does your dream lifestyle look like to you? What would you say is currently missing to make that vision a reality?
What can you do to manifest it?

One key thing here is to live your life now with the expectation of having that very specific lifestyle you visualize, come to your reality.

This does not mean to put yourself in a sticky situation or make irrational decisions, but it does mean to get used to a lifestyle that is sure to come.

Claim your dream lifestyle. Give more energy to areas of your life that you feel would be your “dream”in the reality.

Don’t live life as though you’re unworthy of receiving your gift.

Lifestyle is essentially a state of mind and no matter what you are exposed to in your life it is your mindset that allows you to maintain it successfully.

You have to be self aware of how you are currently living and whether or not certain decisions are helping or hindering the manifestation.

You must then affirm each day of what your lifestyle provides to you. Consider the following manifestation affirmations:

My life is full of success.

My lifestyle is rich in happiness and joy.

I live the life I want and nothing can stop my dreams.

My lifestyle is exactly the way I desire and I grateful for everything I have.

You should take inventory of your life and add or subtract what serves the lifestyle you wish to have. At this point you must be honest with yourself about what that involves and actively make changes.

Manifesting a dream lifestyle is no cookie cutter process but the main ingredient in all of our recipes is the positive outlook. You can add as much of this as you life and it’s never too much. Positive thinking ignites positive results.

Write out your plans for the next few years and every day be intentional about thinking about each of these plans as though they are already successful. This is key to the process.

Cultivating your dream lifestyle is something that will take patience, positivity, and prayer. These are key factors to help accelerate your desires.

Keep your eyes on the prize and never lose sight of your worthiness to obtain greater.

Until next time my lovelies.

Peace & Blessings

La’Ray Renee